Cloughie sculptor Les Johnson made a special visit to a newspaper's photo library to help him create the statue of the Master Manager in Nottingham. Les, pictured above, was given exclusive access to the picture archives of the Nottingham Post (February, 2008).

His visit helped him create key details for the £70,000 sculpture, including Cloughie's distinctive facial features. "You can never have too many pictures," said Les, who said he was looking forward to the challenge of making the bronze figure to stand in Nottingham city centre. "I'm grateful to the Post for giving me access to the photos. The pictures I've chosen will help me create the statue."

Les travelled from his base in Hampshire for the visit. He told the Post he faced a big challenge. "He's got a difficult face - it's unique," he said. "All faces are difficult in a sense. Brian's got an amazing twinkle in his eye. To capture that, while making the features look like him, that's difficult. But not impossible."

Les confirmed he was slightly altering the pose of his original proposal, following a suggestion from Barbara Clough, who said the statue could perhaps show more movement. The revised plans still had Cloughie with his hands in the familiar clasped position, in a victorious gesture, but now he is walking towards the fans.

The finished statue, which Mrs Clough described as 'perfect', was unveiled in front of a crowd of more than 5,000 people and a worldwide television audience in November 2008.