Golden memories of Brian Clough are featured in a fascinating book called Deep Into The Forest. The book features interviews with some of the legendary Forest players who helped to define the club's history. Many give first-hand accounts of what it was like to work with the genius of Brian Clough.

"Very few people answered him back and even fewer got away with it," says Viv Anderson. "Larry Lloyd tried it and it cost him a lot of money. The manager would fine you two weeks' wages, simple as that."

"I found him brilliant. Unpredictable but brilliant," says Des Walker, who gives a rare interview to author and Guardian journalist Daniel Taylor. Also in the book, Archie Gemmill gives his first interview since the death of the Master Manager. Says Gemmill: "He was a powerful man who knew exactly what he wanted and he nearly always got it. I have no hestitation whatsoever in saying this: Brian Clough was a genius."

Garry Birtles questions why the Great Man didn't get the England job ("an utter disgrace - the FA should be ashamed") and why Cloughie hasn't been given the ultimate honour. Says Birtles: "Why was he never knighted? Trevor Brooking was. Alex Ferguson was. It's the most pathetic decision I could ever think of. Is it because he threatened to take on the Establishment? If so, how come Mick Jagger was knighted? It's absurd - absolutely ridiculous."

This book gives an invaluable insight into what it was like to play for Forest during the glory years and what went on behind the scenes. Some of the most fascinating accounts are given by Kenny Burns and Larry Lloyd, as they describe the fearsome tactics used to rip apart some of the best attackers in the business.

Deep Into The Forest has been published by the Parrs Wood Press and costs £9.95.