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Tribute Collection

This special book contains tributes from the famous as well as the fans. It follows Cloughie's playing and managerial career by featuring quotes from the Great Man himself as well as journalists and players. It is a fine collection of memories and tributes.

The foreword is by Dave Mackay, whose signing for Derby from Spurs was a Cloughie masterstroke. Says Mackay: "He always called me David. I liked that. It was Brian Clough's way of immediately awarding dignity to his players."

The book documents the Great Man's outstanding record at Middlesbrough and Sunderland, goal by goal. Also featured is his England debut against Wales in Cardiff in October 1959. According to a newspaper cutting, Cloughie's father Joe made the nine-hour coach trip with 40 members of the Wilton ICI Polythene Maintenance Section, where he worked. It's gems like that which make this book a great read.

Chapter eleven features tributes from friends, players and colleagues. They include Geoff Boycott, Frank Clark and the former Boro striker Bernie Slaven. One contribution is by Ken Simpkins, the Hartlepool keeper when Cloughie was in charge. 

Says Ken: "He wanted everyone smart and well presented and he had a couple of goes at me because of my weight. I worked really hard to improve and Brian put me in a specially designed plastic suit to help sweat off the pounds. I remember once he fined Cliff Wright, a friend of his from his Middlesbrough days, for calling him 'Brian'. He said it was now 'boss' or 'Mr Clough'. Anyway, Peter Taylor made sure Cliff was reimbursed."

The final chapter is a collection of memories and tributes from fans, including the editor of this website, who offered his services free of charge to help contribute to the book. Some of the tributes are from this website.

'The Life of Brian' costs £9.99, with 50p from each sale going to the Brian Clough Memorial Fund. It is the perfect book to pick-up and put-down at leisure when you fancy reminding yourself of what a special player and manager Brian Clough really was.