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No Thank You

This hefty book, weighing in at 566 pages in hardback, is described as the only biography to follow Brian Clough from birth to death. 

The title is a quote from one of Clough's mentors, Harry Storer, when referring to football directors.

In an interview for the Northern Echo, author Jonathan Wilson says: "There was a gap in the Clough market. There are probably more great books written about Clough than anyone else in football or even British sport, but there is a gap for a full and complete biography that checks facts..."

Unfortunately, despite references to many newspapers and hours spent in the British library he gets some things wrong - precisely the problem he accuses Cloughie of when re-telling stories of his career.

But perhaps he should have checked some facts himself. For example, referring to a memorial service at the City Ground, Clough fans will know that there was a civic service in Nottingham's Old Market Square and, afterwards, a tribute before Forest's match against West Ham. But the memorial service was held at Derby County's Pride Park, not the City Ground.

Wilson is also incorrect to say there are four statues of Cloughie - including two in Nottingham. There is actually only one statue in the city - the other bronze tribute is a bust. Research would have shown that fund-raising for the statue was inspired because there was not already such a sculpture in Nottingham.

If facts like these are not checked, what else is mis-placed? In the Northern Echo, Wilson says he contacted Nigel Clough to tell him about the book: "He wrote back, and he was very fair to say that he'd rather I wasn't doing the book, he couldn't stop me from doing it, but equally he wouldn't stop anyone from talking to me. I think that's very fair of him and I hope he thinks it's fair of me."

'Nobody Ever Says Thank You' is published by Orion Books at £20.00.