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"Rome wasn't built in a day, but I wasn't on that particular job." That's just one of the memorable Cloughie quotes in this collection compiled by the author Duncan Hamilton. The book is divided into themed sections, including Cloughie's views on the clubs he managed, football club directors - and himself. One of Hamilton's favourites refers to the former Notttingham Forest player, Brian Rice: "I'm not saying he's pale and thin, but the maid in our hotel room pulled back the sheets and remade the bed without realising he was still in it."

Hamilton used to work at the Nottingham Evening Post and regularly interviewed Cloughie over a twenty year period. His memories of that time are contained in the award-winning book, 'Provided You Don't Kiss Me.'

In this book, he selects dozens of quotes - including some originally compiled on this website. Hamilton's introduction also mentions the three quotes engraved in the paving around Nottingham's bronze statue of the Great Man. He says that well-judged selection represents the tip of a mountainous heap of 'Cloughisms' - "that informed, entertained or - quite frequently - got him into trouble."

This is a book you can easily dip in and out of, serving as a reminder that Cloughie really was the king of the one-liners. It is published by Aurum.

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