The Master Manager walked back into the City Ground to watch the big derby match between his two former teams, the Reds and the Rams (September 27th, 2003).

Both sets of fans gave him a standing ovation before the game. He commented: "The response has been incredible."



Cloughie was a match summariser for 106 Century FM. He arrived forty minutes before kick-off and initially waited in reception of the club he had previously ruled from top to bottom. He was then greeted by his former player Kenny Burns, who was also a summariser for Century.



Waiting in Forests reception



With Kenny Burns



Said Clough: "I would have loved to have been out there as a player because if I had chances like Forest had to win the game, I would have put them away with my you-know-what. I think I would have had a hat-trick, but it is alright for me to sit at the back of the stand and say that."  


Talking football



With grandson Stephen