The Master Manager said it was a tough task to pick his all-time favourite Forest side. It's made up of players who served him during his 18-year reign as the Reds manager.

Even for Old Big 'Ead, picking this side was one of the most difficult decisions he'd ever had to make. He said: "Picking my best team used to come easy to me - but this was different. When you think of all the names who have played for Old Big 'Ead down the years, the list is almost endless."

Clough said it was fascinating to reflect on his years at the City Ground and the players he worked with. As he looked through the names and old photographs he admitted, "the memories came flooding back and left the odd lump in the throat."

He added: "It never bothered me upsetting players by leaving them out. Bill Shankly always used to say, 'pick your best team' and if you do that with total honesty then nobody can have any gripes.

"But I must admit to feeling a little bit uneasy - I must be going soft in my old age - at leaving out some players whose contribution to Nottingham Forest's success over the years was nothing short of fantastic."



Clough & Shilton

Peter Shilton.  "He was as important to the side as anyone who scored a brilliant goal."

Viv Anderson. "There were not many better sights in the game than seeing Viv gliding forward from his right back position."

Stuart Pearce.  "At his peak he was awesome - there is no other word for it."

Des Walker.  "He was a dream for a manager to work with because he hardly ever had a bad game."

Kenny Burns.  "He could create and score goals as well as defend like a colossus."

Clough & Burns

Roy Keane.  "He is a fantastic competitor, heads the ball better than most centre halves, certainly tackles better and scores goals like strikers."

John McGovern.  "He had tremendous stamina and a temperament that could survive anything anyone could do to him on a football field."

Archie Gemmill.  "He never gave less than his maximum and his pace, movement and tackling ability were astonishing."

John Robertson.  "If you gave him a square yard of grass to work in he was dynamite and for years he was our genius."

Keane and Clough

Trevor Francis.  "He added a sparkle to any team that he played for and that goal in Munich will put his name up in Forest lights forever."

Garry Birtles.  "He never gave up even when the ball was a yard out of play - and his ability with his head, and particularly his left foot, turned him into one of the best strikers of his era."

"If you had the team I picked together now at the peak of their game, it might be worth a bob or two. I'd certainly have a flutter on them winning the league."

Brian Clough, football genius

Pictures courtesy Press Association / Empics