He was still wearing that famous green sweater, but accompanying it this time was a red and white scarf and a chef's hat as Brian Clough cut a specially-made cake to celebrate 15 years as manager of Nottingham Forest. It was January 1990 and this photo took pride of place on the front cover of the Reds' matchday programme for a game against Liverpool.

"Here we go for what we hope will be a memorable year of football," said the Master Manager in his programme notes. "They tell me it's the club's 125th anniversary and there are times when it feels like I've been here all the way down the years. But, as you are no doubt aware, you've had to put with me for the last 15 and we've had a bit of fun and success along the way."

In a special feature to mark his 15 years at the City Ground, Cloughie was also pictured in a short-sleeved shirt and enjoying life in his garden. 'Happy 15th Brian' was the headline, with the sub-title adding: '...and thanks for the memories.'

Brian pictured for the 15th anniversary


During those 15 years at Nottingham Forest, Cloughie had won many trophies, including the European Cup (twice), the UEFA Super Cup, the League Championship, the League Cup (three times), as well as the Simod Cup. In recent years, the Reds had continued to perform well in the league, finishing third in both 1988 and 1989, as the Master Manager built a new and talented squad which featured a number of England internationals.

Yet despite the double European Cup success, he revealed that the peaks of personal satisfaction and pleasure were not headed by the victories over Malmo in Munich and Hamburg in Madrid. "I've had just as much pleasure - no, I've had more pleasure - out of achievements that most people will have forgotten about by now," said Brian in the special interview.

"I got one of my biggest kicks in beating Leyton Orient to win the Anglo-Scottish Cup at a time when we were trying to get out of the Second Division. And how about when we won promotion in 1977. We were on our way to Majorca at the time and heard we had cracked it when we were 30,000 feet up in the air heading for a bit of sun and relaxation. That was special.

"Winning the League - it's not the first time I did it, you know - and two European Cups and more successes in the League Cup brought more happy times for us - but I've been fortunate in other ways too. I once remember Bill Nicholson advising me never to let football management get hold of me the same way it did him.

"He recounted how he was walking down the aisle with his daughter in his arm and thinking that she had barely seen him and here she was grown up and moving on. Fortunately, I have had the satisfaction of being able to spend time with my family along the way."

The 1989-90 season saw Cloughie's Forest win the League Cup for a second consecutive time, with Nigel Jemson scoring the winner against Oldham at Wembley. The Liverpool league game, for which the match programme featured the anniversary interview, ended in a 2-2 draw - with goals from Steve Hodge (the season's top scorer for the Reds) and Cloughie's son Nigel. Brian retired in 1993, after 18 years in charge at the City Ground.