Turn back the clock to 8th August, 2000. That was the day that this website was launched. Asked what he thought about a website in his honour, Cloughie responded: "It's a good idea, son. Simple as that. If they've picked me for a website, why not?"

In Cloughie's hometown of Middlesbrough, the Gazette newspaper reported the website launch (above) and quoted his son Nigel: "I'm afraid dad doesn't have a clue what a website is! And he wouldn't know what a computer was if it bit him.

"But he has heard of this and nobody has any problems with it. It's a nice tribute to dad."

One national newspaper was so impressed by the launch, that it was featured in both the news and sport sections of the same edition (below). The leading football magazine Four Four Two also recommended the site to its readers.

There's a special bonus snippet of the Green Jumper Pod to mark the website's 21st anniversary. Enjoy this step back in time...

The website has the backing of the Clough family and - as well as celebrating the life of the Master Manager - raises money for the types of good causes that Brian and his wife Barbara supported. 

On the site's tenth anniversary, Mrs Clough said it was great to see how fans still remembered Brian with affection and she hoped the site would continue for many more years.

In 2013 the site's editor, Marcus Alton, was asked by the Clough family to present a cheque for £7,500 from the Brian Clough Memorial Fund. Marcus chose the children's cancer ward at Nottingham's Queens Medical Centre.

Cheque Presentation

The man who started the website is still the editor. Marcus Alton met Cloughie a number of times, both as a journalist and a fan, and interviewed him twice. He has since written four books about the Miracle Manager and was the driving force behind the plans for the magnificent bronze statue in Nottingham. He liaised closely with the Clough family and set-up the small fundraising group which smashed its target in 18 months.

The site also spearheaded the campaign for a knighthood, both while Cloughie was alive and posthumously. In 2004, Marcus and his wife presented a petition to Ten Downing Street, with the help of Brian's MP, Bob Laxton. There's more about the campaign HERE

Marcus' book telling the story behind the website, the knighthood campaign and the statue - working with the Clough family and meeting Brian - is told in his book 'Young Man, You've Made My Day'.