Mind That Sword

Further media coverage for the knighthood campaign has included the national newspapers, The Mirror and The Star. In a detailed article, The Mirror's David Moore quotes many of the comments on this website's knighthood page and says Clough is an obvious candidate for the honour. And with tongue firmly in cheek, he says: "The mind boggles over what might happen when Clough, certain to be a less than silent knight, steps up to meet her Majesty. One can imagine the Buckingham Palace banter right now: 'Hey, young lady, just watch what you are doing with that sword.'"


Fans Support Bid

The knighthood bid is gaining even wider support. So far there have been more than 500 e-mails backing the move. Further reports have appeared in Forest's matchday programme (Huddersfield game), the Evening Telegraph in Cloughie's beloved Derby and the Rams' official website. The campaign has also won the support of the Australian and New Zealand branch of the Forest Supporters Club and the Sunderland Independent Fanzine, Ready To Go. 


Midfield Maestro

Former Derby and Forest midfielder Archie Gemmill has revealed he regularly meets up with Cloughie to talk about the old days. And one of the topics of discussion is the Master Manager's decision to leave the talented Scot out of the Forest side which won the European Cup in 1979. "We reminisce about the old times and the subject always comes up," Gemmill told BBC Radio Nottingham. There's more about his comments HERE.


Causing A "Sir"

The tremendous response to the knighthood campaign continues, following the latest media coverage. E-mails have arrived from all over the country and all over the world, from Somerset to Singapore. The campaign has gained further media attention, featuring on BBC Sport, Sky Sports and radio stations. On Friday 8th December 2000, the site received the largest number of hits it's ever had in one day (nearly 700), along with more than 100 e-mails. And still they come. Please keep sending them - this is the only website where your views could make a difference.  

Official Response

Government officials have confirmed that the bid to honour the Master Manager is being carefully considered. Many of the e-mails sent by fans to this website have been forwarded to Downing Street. Messages of support have come from not only around the country, but around the world. For the latest details see the knighthood page.


He Walks On Water

One Clough fan believes the campaign for a knighthood should be plain sailing - he has named a boat "Sir Brian". Simon Constance bought the vessel two years ago and has officially registered the name. "I have always felt that Cloughie should have been knighted," says Simon. 

Simon, a Forest supporter for 30 years, said: "I have always felt that Cloughie should have been knighted." 

I often get asked about the name and it gives me great pleasure to explain what Cloughie achieved with the resources at his disposal, when compared with other 'sir' managers that football has recognised.

"To this day, not one person has disagreed that Cloughie should be knighted, although the vast majority are supporters of teams that Cloughie did more harm to than good."

Simon says the boat is featured on the small ships register as "Sir Brian".  

Doctor's Orders

Officials at Arnold Town say the Master Manager was unable to make a special appearance at the club (2/12/00) due to ill health. His fans wish him all the best. Get well soon, Brian.


Memories from America

Former Clough neighbour Joe Appleby has sent a tribute from the United States. He says he lived on the next street to Clough in Middlesbrough during his childhood. "We played against each other in competing street teams on Clairville Common. It was Valley Road v Eden Road," writes Joe, who left England in 1963. 


Venables Missed Out

The Master Manager says Terry Venables was the best man for the England job. Commenting for the first time on Kevin Keegan's departure, Clough says the country was "left in the lurch" by the sudden resignation. He tells the December edition of BBC Match of the Day magazine that he would have put Venables "on the plane to Finland after Keegan's walkout" and that the former England and Spurs manager was "the best qualified for the England job." 

A Roasting For Skipper

Former Forest captain John McGovern has revealed how he often faced strong criticism from the Master Manager, despite being regarded by some as Cloughie's "favourite". McGovern said: "I worked for him longer than anybody else and I can assure you I got more rollickings than anybody else. There was this big myth that because I worked for him at so many clubs, I was his blue-eyed boy. But I can assure you that definitely wasn't true."

Speaking on Brian Tansley's Matchday Programme on BBC Radio Nottingham, McGovern continued: "He was the employer and I was the employee. And that was the end of the relationship. If I didn't do it, I was left out of the side. And I was left out of the side quite a few times."


Birtles Joins Bid

Former Forest striker Garry Birtles has given his support to this website's campaign to get a knighthood for Cloughie. Amid huge media interest in the idea, Birtles told a radio phone-in that his former boss thoroughly deserved the accolade. His comments follow those of former Forest and Derby midfielder John McGovern who agreed that Cloughie should be honoured. E-mails continue to come-in thick and fast. 


Arise, Sir Brian?

Former Clough players Trevor Francis and Viv Anderson have joined fans in calling for the Master Manager to receive the ultimate accolade - a knighthood. This website has been innundated with e-mails in support of the campaign for Brian Clough to be knighted. Both Francis and Anderson, who enjoyed European glory with Old Big 'Ead, have written letters to the editor backing the move.

Now then, young Edward

Old Big 'Ead has been explaining why he never gave his players nicknames. He says he thought it was a sign of over-friendliness, which was not his style of management. "When I called young Sheringham 'Edward', people seemed to be very amused, but he told me that his parents did the same," Clough tells the November edition of BBC Match of the Day magazine. "Anyway, in Yorkshire, we like to use the proper first names - as Anthony Adams, Robert Moore and Terence Butcher would have found out if they'd ever played for me." For further opinions on Sir Alex Ferguson and Michael Owen, this magazine is a great read.


Greetings from Washington

Clough fan David Lovato is the latest visitor to send a tribute from overseas. The former Nottingham student used to live next to the City Ground and is now in the United States. He's sent an e-mail message from Washington D.C. He went to the polytechnic in Nottingham in the Seventies and started watching Nottingham Forest when they were in the Second Division. "I saw Clough launch a storming assault on the established 'great powers' of football," writes David, whose memories can be read HERE. 


"It's a crackpot plan"

Proposals to raise the profile of women's football have been criticised by Old Big 'Ead. "I don't care for women playing football, especially when they distract me by running around in those tight shirts," says the Master Manager. In the October edition of BBC Match of the Day magazine, he says it's great that more women are going to watch matches. But he adds: "I like my women to be feminine, not sliding into tackles and covered in mud." 


"I've regained respect -- and more"

Former Forest favourite Stuart Pearce has spoken further about his working relationship with Cloughie. Promoting his new autobiography on Channel Five's "Football Night" with Jonathan Pearce, Psycho said he fell out with the Master Manager during Forest's relegation season, over a contract. He added: "There is no doubt I have now regained my respect for him -- and more. What he did for Nottingham, putting it on the map, was absolutely fantastic. I class myself as very lucky to have worked for him."


"He scared the life out of us!"

Cloughie's captain at Nottingham Forest, Stuart Pearce, has described him as "a managerial colossus." A chapter in Psycho's new autobiography focusses on his working relationship with Old Big 'Ead. He reveals the ups and downs of playing for the Master Manager. "To be honest, he scared the life out of me as he did most of the squad," says Pearce, who admits he had immense respect for Clough. "He makes you into a player and if your standards fall he will have you out of the team." To read more anecdotes about life behind the scenes at the City Ground, this book, published by Headline, is a must.  


"It'll Be A Struggle"

The Master Manager has warned that Derby County will struggle for survival in the Premiership this season. Interviewed by BBC Television in the East Midlands, Cloughie said although it will be an up-hill battle for the Rams, the experienced Jim Smith will be able to keep them up. He says the jury is still out on Forest's prospects for promotion.  


"Now then, young lady..."

Old Big 'Ead made a surprise appearance to fulfill the dream of a life-long fan. Gill Bennett from Derby received a bronze bust of the great man as a birthday present from her husband. And Cloughie turned-up at their home to present it! The special occasion was filmed by the BBC. 


"A nice tribute to Dad..."

Nigel Clough has praised brianclough.com, saying: "It's a nice tribute to Dad." Speaking to the Evening Gazette in Middlesbrough, where his father was born, Nigel commented: "I'm afraid Dad doesn't have a clue what a website is! And he wouldn't know what a computer was if it bit him. But he has heard of this and nobody has any problems with it." Let's hope he finds the net as easily as he did at Middlesbrough!


"Good idea, son..."

The Master Manager has welcomed this tribute website in recognition of his football genius. He told a listener on a radio phone-in: "It's a good idea, son. Simple as that. If they've picked me for a website, why not?"


Tributes pour in

E-mail tributes have been flooding in since the launch of the website on August 8th, 2000. The site has been widely reported, including in The Sun newspaper and website. Tributes have been sent not only to Mr Clough, but in praise of the website itself. They've come from across the football spectrum, from Manchester United fans to West Ham supporters, from Canada to Dubai, showing fans CAN be united in their love of the game and one man in particular. Youngman looks forward to receiving lots more.


"It'll smell of garlic"

The legendary boss has had a dig at the number of French players at Arsenal. Writing in the September edition of BBC Match of the Day magazine, Cloughie says: "I bet their dressing room will smell of garlic rather than liniment over the next few months." 


"I think he needs glasses"

The great man has some wise words for Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. Speaking on the 106 Century FM radio phone-in on the eve of the new season, Cloughie said: "I hope his eye-sight improves this season -- because every time he's asked whether a Manchester United player committed a sin, he says he didn't see it."


"He's no spring chicken"

Brian Clough believes Martin O'Neill has made the right decision to leave Leicester City and join Celtic. The Master Manager told BBC Match of the Day magazine: "I was with him the week before he decided to leave and he was agonising over it." But Clough says O'Neill had to make the most of a golden opportunity.

"He's got to look after himself now. At 48, he's no spring chicken. His football talent is known to all and after working for me for five years, he's obviously learned something about management."  



The Master Manager appeared on BBC Radio Nottingham, for his first ever radio phone-in. His unpredictable answers to fans' questions made gripping listening. To read about the result, look in the phone-in page on this website.


Special Return

Cloughie was the star guest at the Mark Crossley testimonial at the City Ground in May, 2000. Wearing his famous green sweatshirt, he led out the 1979 European Cup winning team. Stars including Martin O'Neill, John Robertson, Tony Woodcock, Archie Gemmill and Kenny Burns joined Old Big 'Ead as the memories of the European glory days came flooding back to Trentside.


"I'm telling you, we don't need more."

Writing for the Daily Mail, Cloughie criticised the amount of football on television. He spoke out against efforts to increase the number of games screened each week. He was also highly critical of pay-per-view matches.

He said: "I find the whole idea of pay-per-view distasteful because it is socially divisive and penalises the poorer members of society."


"I'd break the bank for him"

The Master Manager received a standing ovation when he was guest of honour at the Stadium of Light for last season's game between his two former clubs, Sunderland and Middlesbrough. He met the Sunderland striker Kevin Phillips who presented him with the No.9 shirt. Phillips described meeting Cloughie as "a massive honour."

Old Big 'Ead has praised the Sunderland star. He told BBC Match of the Day magazine: "If I wanted a striker, I'd break the bank for Phillips. He must be good if he broke my record at Sunderland."


 "Hey, it was worth the wait"

Brian Clough made his long-awaited return to the City Ground, for the match against Wolves in September, 1999. He unveiled a plaque to mark the renaming of the Executive Stand as "The Brian Clough Stand." He also unveiled a bust of himself in the club's reception area. At half-time, Old Big 'Ead walked onto the pitch and received a standing ovation.

"Turning the clock back is one of those things in life that is just impossible to do, but this was the nearest I could hope to get to it, " he said.