Although Cloughie has again missed out on a knighthood in the New Year's Honours List, this website's campaign will be stepped-up in 2004. More pressure will be put on the Honours officials to do the decent thing. 

Good Example

The liver specialist who helped to save Brian Clough's life has described the Master Manager as a good role model (December, 2003). Derek Manas said Cloughie had set a fine example to other liver transplant recipients by staying away from alcohol.

But Mr Manas, from the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne, criticised George Best, saying his high profile drinking had made people lose faith in transplants. He said there had been a reduction in the number of relatives consenting to organ donation when a loved one died.

Said Mr Manas: "For every George Best, there are hundreds of other living patients who appreciate what has been done for them, but it is the celebrity case that people get to hear about. Brian Clough, who used to drink, had his transplant here and has not started drinking again. He is doing well and is proving to be a far better role model."

Best's agent said the number of registered organ donors went up after the footballer's operation. He added that in Best's case, replacing a liver didn't stop the craving for alcohol.

Festive Messages

At the end of quite an eventful year for Old Big 'Ead, this website has sent festive wishes to the Great Man and his family, in a Christmas card written on behalf of all his fans. Thanks for your support during the year. Keep visiting in 2004!

New Competition

There's a fantastic new competition on this website. The prize is a special DVD featuring a half-hour interview with Cloughie as he looks back at the European glory days with Forest. "Champions of Europe, 25 Years On" also features many of the players involved in the incredible success story. NOTE: This competition has now closed. 

Family Tie

The Master Manager watched his son Nigel's Burton Albion play in a special FA Cup tie against Hartlepool, the club which launched Old Big 'Ead's managerial career. Cloughie sat in the stand at Eton Park, with his wife Barbara and other son Simon alongside him (December 7th, 2003). His five-year-old grandson William was a mascot.

Said Clough: "I've got my wife on my arm, my son in the dug-out and my grandson on my knee. What better Sunday afternoon could you ask for?" Referring to Barbara's rare appearance at a football match, he added: "She's now kicking me during the match as well as getting me out of bed each morning."

In the days leading up to the televised match, which Burton lost one-nil, Brian and Nigel posed with the FA Cup at a local school. Clough Senior was asked whether Burton would win and whether he had any tips for Nigel. He responded: "Anyone can win in the FA Cup. That's the magic of it. The good, the bad and the ugly can beat the rich, the famous and the talented. And the only tip I give Nigel is, 'get off the M1 when it's foggy'."

Brian & Barbara at Burton match.

Video Memories

The Great Man has made a special contribution to a video marking the twenty-fifth anniversary of Nottingham Forest winning the European Cup. He talks about how he inspired his players to victory and even persuaded them to get out of bed to have a glass of champagne.

"I prided myself in getting a bit more out of the players than they thought they had," says Clough. "If there was a method or a secret that was it. Frightened of me? What a load of rubbish! The only time they needed to be frightened of me was if they went to bed too early on a Thursday or Friday and I had to get them out to have a glass of champagne...and we did that a few times!"

The video and DVD, 'Champions of Europe, 25 Years On' are priced £14.99 and £17.99 respectively. The DVD version features the full exclusive interview with Cloughie. It will make a great Christmas stocking filler for any true Clough fan.

Doctor Cloughie

Old Big 'Ead has received another honour. He has been given an honorary doctorate of science from the University of Teesside in Middlesbrough, where he was born. Cloughie was presented with a special scroll by the university's Chancellor, Sir Leon Brittan, at a ceremony in Middlesbrough Town Hall (November 28th, 2003).

Club Guest

The Master Manager made a guest appearance at a football club in Nottinghamshire to open their clubhouse. Cloughie cut the ribbon and unveiled a plaque at Hucknall Town (November 26th, 2003). He was given a standing ovation before meeting players and officials. He also signed the visitor's book and plenty of autographs.

Glorious Food

Brian Clough has been doing his bit for charity, helping Pudsey the Bear and also contributing to a cook book. Old Big 'Ead and his son Nigel appeared at East Midlands Airport to help an airline company collect funds from passengers for the BBC's Children in Need appeal. Clough Senior also donated the proceeds from that day's sales of his book, Walking on Water (Nottingham Evening Post, November 22nd, 2003).

The Great Man has also supported a charity cook book called "The Celebrity Diner". He has given the menu for his favourite three-course meal. The tasty treats begin with smoked salmon followed by saddle of lamb and finished-off with home-made rice pudding. Other contributors include Tony Blair and Sir Cliff Richard. The author was put in touch with Cloughie via this website. For more details, contact Claire Gunn at Epperstone House, Main Street, Epperstone, Nottingham. Money raised goes to a community project in a village in Ecuador.

Sinking Ship

The Master Manager says Forest boss Paul Hart would be ideal to save Leeds United. "It's hard to remember a so-called top club being in such dire straits," Clough told The Sun newspaper (November 13th, 2003).

"Having salvaged a sinking ship at the City Ground, Leeds would be home-from-home for him. Aye, a classic case of home being where the Hart is!" Clough added that the situation at Elland Road was so critical that Leeds should have appointed a new manager within minutes of Peter Reid's departure, rather than relying on a caretaker boss.

Steering Clear

Old Big 'Ead says there are few clubs which would interest him if he was starting out as a manager these days. "I wouldn't touch Derby or Forest with a bargepole," he told the November edition of Four Four Two magazine. "They're both burdened with too many financial restrictions that are their own fault. If you want milk from a cow you don't cut off its udders."

The Great Man has also warned Forest fans not to panic, as the Reds go through a difficult spell in their promotion fight. "I wish Forest the best of luck," he told the Nottingham Evening Post (November 10th, 2003). "It's only November and it's too early to say they haven't got a chance. I wouldn't be saying that in March."

Cup Memories

The Master Manager was a special guest in the directors box at Nottingham Forest, this time to watch the Reds play Portsmouth in the Carling Cup (October 29th, 2003). And Cloughie took the opportunity to remember the success his teams enjoyed in the old League Cup. Forest won the competition four times and were runners-up twice during Clough's reign.

He told 106 Century FM: "They were happy days. It's an important competition and it was very near and dear to us. They should have called it the Nottingham Forest Cup, because we were proud to win it.

"We had a private coach to take us to the finals. But we got rid of our driver because the coach knew its own way to Wembley without him."

Dr Cloughie

Old Big 'Ead is to receive another honour. The University of Teesside in his home town of Middlesbrough is making him an honorary doctor of science. A special ceremony will be held on November 28th, 2003.

England Row

The former Nottingham Forest defender Kenny Burns says Cloughie would not have tolerated the recent controversy surrounding the England team. Burns was commenting after reports that some of the England squad were prepared to boycott a match in support of Rio Ferdinand, who was dropped because he missed a drugs test.

Said Burns: "Cloughie never got the chance to manage England, but there's no way he would have stood for the sort of nonsense that has been going off." In his regular column in Nottingham's Football Post (October 11th, 2003), Burns continued: "Clough would have said to the players, 'if you don't want to play, fine, but you'll never play for me again.'

"If there was one thing that Cloughie couldn't stand, it was players questioning authority, be that his authority or that of referees. Cloughie would have clamped down on this situation because that was his style. Unfortunately for England, they missed out on one of the best managers in the business."

Dinner Guest

The Master Manager met-up with the Forest boss Paul Hart when he returned to the City Ground for a special dinner (October 9th, 2003). Cloughie was the star attraction at the event in which he gave a thirty minute speech before answering questions from diners. Around 200 people attended the dinner, paying around £500 for a table of ten.

The question and answer session lasted ninety minutes. The MC for the evening was Forest's Academy Director, Bob Fairhall, who commented: "Brian was in great form and it was marvellous to see him back at the City Ground and looking so well."

Fans Salute Hero

Old Big 'Ead made a special visit to the City Ground to watch his two former teams battle it out in the East Midlands derby (September 27th, 2003). Clough was a match summariser for 106 Century FM and sat in the commentary box to watch the game between Nottingham Forest and Derby County.

Fans of the Reds and the Rams were united in their applause when he walked into the stadium for a pre-match interview. He told Century: "I don't come back here very often, but the response of the fans has been incredible." Clough had arrived forty minutes before kick-off and initially waited in the reception area of the club he once ruled from top to bottom. He was then greeted by his fellow summariser and former Reds star Kenny Burns.

During the match, which ended one-all, he told listeners: "It's a bit dull at the moment and it needs someone to set it on fire." But when the commentator Darren Fletcher said he was enjoying the company so much that he wanted to sit back and listen to Clough and Burns, the Master Manager replied in typical fashion: "It wouldn't do you any harm at all!" View exclusive photos of the visit HERE.

Campaign Support

The Master Manager has given his backing to a campaign by doctors to have warning labels put on alcoholic drinks. It follows his liver transplant which was prompted by excessive drinking. Cloughie has joined forces with the liver specialist Dr Jan Freeman, who helped to save his life, by endorsing a petition signed by 500 doctors.

"I drank too much, but I've put it right now," Clough told Central News (September, 2003). And in a message to young people he added: "Don't drink. Simple as that. You know I don't tell lies, so do as your told!"

Clough went on to say that warning labels on booze should be explicit. "Young people have got to be told it's bad for their health. It is very difficult to curb it and young people like to go out and have a drink. But when you get older it'll start to tell, if you're stupid."

Special Reunion

Nottingham Forest have revealed plans for a reunion involving Brian Clough and the players who won the European Cup in 1979. A special dinner is being organised for May 21st, 2004. Forest's corporate sales manager, Les Bradd, said: "It will be the 25th anniversary of our win over Malmo in Munich and it's hoped that Brian and the players who made it all possible will be joining us that evening."

Forest Job

Brian Clough has hinted for the first time he'd consider taking an advisory role with Nottingham Forest. And he's spoken of his regret that the club he took to European glory hadn't asked him to take such a role previously.

"Having been there so long, I would have liked Forest to have asked me to have some little input since I've been retired," Clough told a radio phone-in (September, 2003). "I think I've earned it and I think I'm worth it. With my knowledge and enthusiasm, I could have contributed something to Nottingham Forest. They never asked me."

The Master Manager told 106 Century FM he knew most of the current staff at Forest, although he didn't know the chairman and directors. When asked if he'd be interested if the Reds approached him about a 'director of football' type post, he replied: "Of course I would talk to them over a cup of tea, but I would never infringe on the manager. I don't want people to misinterpret what I'm saying. I'm not looking for a job...and with the fees you pay I'm certainly not looking for the money. And if you believe that, you'll believe anything!"

Boro Visit

The Master Manager went back to his old club Middlesbrough to watch the side take on Arsenal in the Premiership. The cameras of Sky TV showed Cloughie in the stand before the game (August 24th, 2003). Watching in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States, Tony Hodgson e-mailed the website to say: "Saw you on tele at the look great. No player or manager had more heart than you.".

Vote Result

The former Scottish international John Robertson has been voted as Cloughie's best ever player, in a poll launched by this website. The vote marked the tenth anniversary of the Master Manager's retirement.

The top three players were Robertson, Stuart Pearce and Archie Gemmill. Other names put forward included Roy Keane, Peter Shilton, Kenny Burns and John McGovern. Each voter could nominate three players, who each received one point. Ninety-two per cent backed Robbo, with Psycho close behind. One voter will be selected at random to win a signed hardback copy of Cloughie's book, Walking on Water. The winner will be announced on the competition results page.

Book Latest

The Master Manager has thanked visitors to this website for their get well wishes following his liver transplant in January. During a signing session in Nottingham, Cloughie spoke personally to the website editor who had earlier this year handed-over the messages e-mailed to the website from all over the world.

"Thanks very much for all the messages you delivered, young man," said Brian. "It was very much appreciated."

Exclusive photos from one of the signing sessions are now featured on the website. Cloughie fans all over the globe will be pleased to see the Great Man in such stunning form. View the photos HERE.

Money Bags

Brian Clough has warned Chelsea's millionaire owner that he can't buy success. In a clear message to Roman Abramovich, Old Big 'Ead said: "At Chelsea, they think they've got it sorted now, don't they? Well, it takes more than money to build teams. Someone should tell him that."

The Master Manager continued: "He's trying to buy a team. He needs to be a bit more clever than that. I'd think more of him if he tried to build a British team."

Cloughie was outspoken as ever in the interview published in The Times newspaper (August, 2003) to promote his new book. He expressed his concern about the amount of foreign influence on the British game. Asked whether he liked going abroad, he replied in typical Clough style: "No...I don't really see the point of it. Too many foreigners."

Another Big 'Ead

Fans have been queuing for hours to meet the Great Man at the various signing sessions for his new book. Cloughie told the editor of this website: "To see so many people has been nothing short of incredible." At WH Smith in Nottingham, one fan arrived at six-thirty in the morning and waited for more than four hours to make sure he had a signed copy of the paperback version of Walking on Water.

In an interview with BBC Radio Nottingham, the Master Manager reflected on life after the liver transplant. "I'm in good nick," he said. Old Big 'Ead also remembered how he'd spent some of his time in hospital chatting about sport with his surgeon, Derek Manas, who is a big golf fan.

"I told him, 'I hope you're a better surgeon than you are a golfer', because I knew he couldn't play. But he was incredible." And in typical Clough style he added: "He's supposed to be in the top three in the country. But he told me he was the best. That's conceited, it's incredible. I said to him, 'they'll have to widen the hospital doors if you and I walk in together, because they would never get both our heads through the one door, would they?'"

Special Sandwich

The Master Manager has revealed that the first thing he asked for after his liver transplant was an apple sandwich. In an extract from his new book, published in the Daily Mail (July 2003) he says the nurses were baffled by his request. But he thought it was perfectly normal, because his mother used to make them. This excellent book explains Cloughie's inner most thoughts on the life saving surgery and the events surrounding it. 

Labour of Love

Brian Clough has once again reflected on not being made England manager in the Seventies. In a special interview to preview the publication of the paperback version of his book, Cloughie admits that his political views probably stopped him getting the top job.

"There is only one thing in my life which I would do differently," he told the Daily Mail (July, 2003). "I would have lied about being Tory instead of Labour. If I'd done that they would have given me the England job on the spot." He continued: "The people who put themselves in charge of our football knew I was a devout Labour man and they held it against me."

The Master Manager says appointing the Swede, Sven Goran Eriksson, to the post more than twenty years later adds "insult to my injury." Added Clough: "They've rubbed salt into the everlasting wound. Correction, they've thrown it in by the ton. They've hurt me all the more. God, we must be in a bad state in this country if we have to bring in a foreigner at a ridiculous, exorbitant salary."

Book Dates

The full list of Cloughie's signing sessions for the new book are now on this website. To find-out the six dates, venues and times, simply follow the book link. The updated paperback version of Walking on Water is £6.99 (GBP).

Top Class

Brian Clough was in sparkling form when he made a special appearance at an infants school to present prizes. He shook hands with the youngsters as they collected their awards from the Master Manager. Cloughie was the guest of honour at Peartree Infants School, near Derby County's old Baseball Ground (July 17th, 2003).

While at the school, he was interviewed by BBC East Midlands Today. Speaking six months after his life-saving liver transplant, Old Big 'Ead praised people who carry donor cards.

"To give somebody life, whatever organ it is, people do remarkably well. They are incredibly brave to volunteer this type of thing -- when you say 'take my lungs, take my heart, take my liver, take anything'."

Then, in typical Clough fashion, he joked: "I could do with a new right knee at the moment. They want to give me an artificial one. But I am loathed to let it go. It has stood me in good stead for twenty years as a player and twenty years in management. But it's on the blink, so to speak. So, if anyone has got one...I have checked with the Co-op and they are not in til Christmas."

Book Updated

This website can reveal that Brian Clough has written an extra chapter for an updated version of his superb autobiography, Walking on Water. The new chapter will be featured in the paperback version of the book, to be published on July 28th, 2003.

The chapter will cover the events surrounding his life-saving liver transplant earlier this year. The Great Man will also be holding a series of six signing sessions for his fans. Details of dates and venues will appear soon on this website.

Young Stars

The Master Manager had a kick-about with a group of young footballers during a public appearance. Cloughie coached the under-11's as part of a special event in Nottinghamshire (reported the Evening Post, July 4th, 2003).

He told the youngsters: "If Paul Hart continues signing all these young lads, you'll qualify to be picked in about eighteen months!"

Cloughie presented the boys with medals and signed copies of his autobiography. He thanked the crowd in Netherfield for a rousing welcome. "You looked after me for twenty years and I'm very, very grateful for that," he said.

Vote Update

Stuart Pearce, Archie Gemmill, John Robertson and Peter Shilton are among the current front-runners in the vote to find Cloughie's top three players. This website has launched the poll to see who you think were the Master Manager's best three of all time.

Candidates must have played for Clough sometime during his managerial career. Each nomination will receive one point. The poll closes on July 31st. One lucky entrant will be picked at random to win a book signed by Cloughie himself. This will be the hardback version of Walking on Water.

Your Tales

Have you met Brian Clough? This website is keen to hear your stories about meeting the Great Man, for a new feature. What was it like to see him, what did he say, were you shaking with nerves, did he make you laugh? If you had a picture taken, e-mail that too.

All contributions will be entered into a draw to win a signed book. As many as possible will be featured on a new page on the website. Please include your name and where you're from. Then simply e-mail youngman.

Stamp of Approval

Brian Clough has helped a postmistress avoid jail, after she stole more than sixteen thousand pounds from the Royal Mail. Old Big 'Ead was one of a number of people who provided character references for forty-five year old Elaine Hood of Devonshire Avenue, Allestree, Derby (June, 2003).

A court heard Hood was the daughter of the late Colin Lawrence, who had been a close friend of the Master Manager. She was of previous impeccable character and was sentenced to 120 hours community service and ordered to pay £950 costs.

Good Vintage

The Master Manager has likened Martin O'Neill to a good bottle of wine and has tipped the Celtic boss to be Sir Alex Ferguson's successor at Manchester United.

Cloughie said his former midfielder would be "odds on favourite" to take the top job at Old Trafford, even if he has to wait for it. "Martin will be like a good wine," said Old Big 'Ead.

"If he has to wait five or six years for the job, it won't do him any harm at all. He will add experience to himself every week he stays at Celtic and like a good wine he will be maturing that bit more."

Clough told BBC Five Live (May, 2003): "When he walks into Manchester United, he will be near enough the finished article. I will keep my fingers crossed, if he wants it."

Grim For Derby

Brian Clough has warned long-suffering Derby fans: "I cannot see any chink of light in the dark clouds."

Old Big 'Ead was speaking following the Rams' decision to part company with manager John Gregory. Clough told the Daily Mail (May, 2003): "I still care about the club and it saddens me to see them in such trouble.

"Who on earth are they going to get as a manager when there appears to be so much turmoil at the place?"

He's All Hart

The Master Manager says Paul Hart is exactly the right man to lead Nottingham Forest to success. "Not only was Hart a fine player for me, he has also proved himself to be pretty useful in my old business at my old firm," Clough told the Daily Mail.

"Various Forest boards have made some poor decisions. But whoever selected Paul Hart got it right and the young team he has assembled at minimal cost has done him proud so far."

Recipe For Success

The Nottingham Forest manager Paul Hart says the Reds' success this season has been inspired by the preachings of Brian Clough. "This club is benefitting once more from the standards and habits that Brian set, and no-one is more pleased about that than me," said Hart.

"When I first came to Nottingham as a player I could see for myself that there was something special here...and it was all down to Brian. Players like Ian Bowyer, Garry Birtles and Viv Anderson had taken his principles on board and were taking his beliefs onto the pitch. It was something I happily bought into straight away.

"People think he had a magic formula, but basically it was all down to common sense and doing the right and proper things. It's all about things like not swearing at referees, not feigning injuries, being honest in the tackle...and so much more.

"The memories of those days have been with me ever since and I'm not afraid to say that when I took over as manager here just under two years ago, I wanted the same kind of philosophies to apply."

Derby Pride

Brian Clough was the pride of Derby as he was presented with the Freedom of the City. The former Rams boss visited the old Baseball Ground and told reporters: "It brings back beautiful memories".

A vintage Rolls Royce picked him up from his home and took him on a tour of some of his favourite places. They included Darley Park, where he used to take his sons to play football. He also planted a tree on the banks of the River Derwent.

At Derby County's Pride Park Stadium he was presented with the freedom scroll. The Mayor, Robin Turner, described the Great Man as a "rare individual and a unique talent who brought honour to our football club and reflected glory to the city."

Said Clough: "It's a tremendous honour. Having come to Derby 35 years couldn't get rid of me. We have been extremely happy here."

The Great Man received a standing ovation from fans inside Pride Park and even kicked a football around on the pitch with his grandson, Stephen. View more pictures HERE.

Clough's kick-about at Pride Park.

Big Day

Further details have now been released of where fans can salute the Great Man on the day he receives the Honorary Freedom of Derby (May 4th, 2003). A vintage Rolls Royce will take him from his home in Derby to the Baseball Ground.

Although his visit to Derby County's former home will be private, fans will have the chance to see him at Darley Park at 1045. In the Tea Room there, the supporters group the Rams Trust will present him with a lifetime achievement award.

Cloughie will then be taken to Exeter Street, where he will plant an oak tree by the River Derwent, at 1125. The next stop is Pride Park for a private lunch and presentation of the Freedom Scroll. He will walk onto the pitch at 1320 and then watch Derby's match against Ipswich.

Vote Launched

This website has launched a special poll to name the top three players who served Brian Clough during his managerial career. The vote marks the tenth anniversary of the Great Man's retirement. Nominations can be any player who has appeared in a Clough team. Entrants could win a book signed by the man himself.

Some of the names which are likely to be put forward include Roy Keane, John Robertson, Dave Mackay and Archie Gemmill. Each nominated player will receive one point. When the poll closes on July 31st, the points will be added-up to decide the top three Clough players.

Each entrant will be entered into a draw to win a copy of Cloughie's autobiography, Walking on Water, signed by the Master Manager. 

Award Winners

Brian Clough has presented the end of season awards at Burton Albion. After watching his son Nigel's Conference side play Kettering at Eton Park, Cloughie was again on sparkling form to hand-out the honours. View the pictures HERE.

Forest Hope

The Master Manager has spoken of his hopes for Nottingham Forest as they fight for promotion to the Premiership. Cloughie said the Reds were well-placed to reach the play-offs and ultimately the top flight.

He told the Nottingham Evening Post (April 21st, 2003): "I have only been able to go once this season but the results have been excellent and they have got themselves into a very good position."

Cloughie added: "I really hope Forest can go up. Paul Hart seems quite confident and I would agree. This is the crunch time now. This is when managers earn their money and are at their peak. There is no reason why Forest can't go up."

Derby Date

Details have now been revealed for the special day when Brian Clough will receive the Freedom of Derby. Cloughie will be taken around the city in a vintage Rolls Royce, visiting places which have happy memories for him. He will go to Derby County's old home, the Baseball Ground; Darley Park and the city centre, where he will plant a tree.

The event will take place on Sunday May 4th, 2003, when Derby County play their final home match of the season. The Master Manager will be taken to Pride Park where he will have lunch with close family and city council guests. He will then be presented with the special scroll. The Mayor, Robin Turner, will lead him out onto the pitch before kick-off.

Said Councillor Turner: "Everyone who wants to congratulate Brian Clough can do so, by being at one of his publicised visits or by going to the match."

The Rams chairman, Lionel Pickering, commented: "He is quite rightly remembered as one of football's greatest ever managers and it's a tribute to the people of Derby that Brian still considers this city his home." The full schedule for the day is still to be finalised.

Him Upstairs

The Master Manager says he's feeling "right as rain", three months after undergoing a liver transplant which saved his life. In an interview on BBC Radio Five Live (April 14th, 2003), Cloughie praised the National Health Service and thanked everyone involved in giving him "a second chance."

The interviewer, Pat Murphy, suggested that without the operation Cloughie could have been a 'gonner'. The Great Man replied: "The guy upstairs, who we're all answerable to, was tied up with all the problems in the world at the moment and he said 'not yet'. Besides, he said there's a problem because you've booked to be on my right hand side and someone else is pushing for that job as well, and I'm having to sort it out."

Cloughie repeated his thanks to all the fans who have sent messages of support. He also said he had wanted to thank the family of the person who donated his liver.

"It is very emotional you know, because you want to contact them and they don't want to be contacted. You want to thank everybody for giving you what everybody describes as a second chance. It applies to all transplants throughout the world. You get a second chance, it's as simple as that."

He ended the interview with another special message to his fans: "Thank you for everything, you have obviously been more kind than even I imagined you were. But you are only paying back forty or fifty years because I was kind as well."

Thick Ear

Brian Clough has described how he gets a huge boost when Burton Albion play well. Cloughie has returned to watching his son Nigel's Conference side following the liver transplant. He's already watched several games since the operation and this website has exclusive photos of him at the match against Stevenage (see below).

In an interview in the match programme (April 12th, 2003) Cloughie said: "It makes my week when Burton do well, especially to keep a clean sheet." He'd been interviewed after the Brewers beat Farnborough 2-0, and he joked: "I was actually hoping that Burton would lose today because I was going to put in for the job if they sacked the manager."

Cloughie was asked if he 'sat Nigel on his knee' to give him managerial tips. "He is a bit too big for that now, but he's not too big to still get a clip. Of course that is illegal these days, but not in my house."

Latest Photos

The Master Manager was in fine form as he watched his son Nigel's Burton Albion side play Stevenage Borough (April 12th, 2003). This website has exclusive photo's taken on the day. The pictures are the first since his operation. View them HERE.

Nappy Days

Brian Clough produced another classic quote when he referred to the managerial merry-go-round at Derby County. Cloughie told Sky Sports: "Derby County are going through managers like my two-month-old grand-daughter goes through nappies."

Special Message

There was a big cheer at Nottingham Forest's City Ground when Cloughie sent a special message to fans during the match against Wolves (April 11th, 2003). As the two sides started the second half, the electronic scoreboard displayed the following words:

"To all my friends and fans at Nottingham Forest. Thank you for the cards and beautiful flowers while I've been off colour. From Brian xx."

Knight Him

A Cloughie fan in Malaysia has e-mailed this website to declare further support for our knighthood campaign. It's another example of how the Great Man has inspired people around the world. Surely that deserves the ultimate honour? Dee Suzai from the town of Ampang wrote: "He should have received a knighthood twenty years ago. He's the man who made me love English football and most of all Nottingham Forest."

Flower Power

Fans of the Master Manager are preparing to send him a big bunch of flowers, following his special request for them. In a recent interview, Cloughie spoke about his recovery from the liver transplant and said he'd really appreciate receiving flowers (see below). 

Death's Door

Brian Clough has thanked fans who sent him get well messages following his life-saving operation. He said he was overwhelmed by all the good wishes. "I'd like to thank everybody who has taken the trouble," he told The Sun (March 27th, 2003).

Cloughie was speaking for the first time about the liver transplant, which was similar to the one George Best had. Clough joked: "To put everybody's mind at rest, I'd like to stress they haven't given me George's old one!"

In an exclusive interview with John Sadler, who helped write his latest book, Clough added: "I'm back from death's door. I've been so lucky. I've got more reason than most for feeling glad to be alive."

He said he hadn't changed his outlook on life. "It goes without saying I'm appreciative of what's been done for me but I've always believed that life goes on, irrespective. If I hadn't made it over these past few weeks, I wouldn't have wanted wreaths. My philosophy is: Don't send me flowers when I'm dead. If you like me, send them while I'm alive."

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Cloughie, who is sixty-eight (March 21st). Fans have sent their best wishes. Among them, Brian Berger e-mailed this website: "I share the same birthday as you, Brian. I hope to meet you at Burton. I have recently recovered from a brain haemorrhage and a stroke, so all the very best to you and get well soon."

Back At Burton

Brian Clough made his first public appearance since undergoing a liver transplant when he watched his son's non-league side secure a much needed victory. Cloughie was among a crowd of more than two-thousand who watched Nigel's Burton Albion beat Chester City two-nil at home (March 8th, 2003).

The Master Manager had a bird's eye view in the stand as the Brewers scored in each half. Ruth James from Burton e-mailed this website to tell Old Big 'Ead: "Great to see you at the Burton Albion match. You certainly brought us good luck, Brian, with this fantastic win. Hope you continue to make good progress."

Messages Delivered

This website has passed on more of your get well messages directly to Cloughie. Scores of e-mails have been received from all over the world, wishing the Great Man a speedy recovery from his liver transplant. In turn, the website editor has ensured that another batch of messages have been handed-over to his family. 

Special Tonic

Nottingham Forest's six-nil thrashing of Stoke City should serve as a tonic for Cloughie, according to the Reds' manager Paul Hart. The Clough disciple said he hoped it would give his former boss a lift following the liver transplant.

"We sent Brian a card wishing him a complete recovery and perhaps this scoreline will give him another lift," Hart told the Daily Mail (February 24th, 2003).

"Mind you, if I know him, he'll be more impressed with the clean sheet than the fact we scored six times."

Flying Boot

The former Nottingham Forest defender Kenny Burns has said Cloughie would never have resorted to kicking a football boot at a player - he would give them an ear-bashing instead. Burns' comments followed the incident in which David Beckham received a gash above his eye after being hit by a boot kicked by an angry Sir Alex Ferguson.

"Nothing quite like the Beckham-Ferguson incident ever happened during my career at the City Ground," said Burns. "But the players certainly got their fair share of ear-bashings from Old Big 'Ead. Cloughie didn't need to kick football boots around. He got his points across with words."

Writing his excellent column in the Nottingham Football Post (February 22nd, 2003) Burns joked that Clough would have been wasting his time by kicking a football boot. "I would have headed it, Larry Lloyd would have missed it and John Robertson would have trapped it, dribbled it past two people and put it through the open door."

Burns added that even if Clough had kicked a boot, he would have apologised to the player involved. "I can imagine him now. Cloughie would probably have said something like, 'You should have headed that boot with your forehead, son, not let it hit you on the eyebrow'."

City Honour

It's been confirmed that Brian Clough has been given a special honour. The Master Manager has been made a Freeman of the City of Derby. The decision was taken by members of the city council (February 12th, 2003).

"It is basically the highest honour the city can give," a council spokeswoman told this website. The council leader Chris Williamson said the honour was long overdue. Clough took Derby County to the league championship in 1972 and still lives in the city.

His son Nigel, interviewed when the idea was first made public, said his father felt "extremely proud". Although he was born in Middlesbrough, and never forgets his roots, he regards Derby as his adopted home (see item below).

It is hoped that Clough, who is recovering from a liver transplant, will be well enough to receive the honour in May, when he will be presented with a special scroll and a porcelain casket.


Brian Clough has been discharged from hospital following his life-saving liver transplant. A BBC report (February 3rd, 2003) said Cloughie had left the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, three weeks after undergoing surgery.

A hospital spokeswoman said Clough had been formally discharged on Sunday (February 2nd, 2003) after spending the weekend at his home in Derby. "He has done very well and doctors were very pleased with his progress," she said. "I saw him last week and he looked tremendous. He will come back for regular check-ups."

Website editor Marcus Alton said: "It's great to hear that Cloughie is now out of hospital. Let's hope he continues to make a speedy recovery. The number of tributes sent by his fans show how much they think of him. They can't wait to hear more of his wise words!"

Special Present

Cloughie's son Simon has a special present to help his Dad's recovery from a liver transplant operation. A new granddaughter called Hannah Elizabeth.

"She is my fourth child and all my kids are looking forward to seeing their grandfather up and well," Simon told the Nottingham Evening Post (January 28th, 2003). He said he had visited his father in hospital and that the tributes sent by fans would help him recover.

"The sheer volume of messages has been overwhelming," said Simon. He added that the last few weeks had been tough. "It's been a real roller-coaster ride because my wife gave birth while all this was going on. We have a beautiful little girl, but there have been times when we haven't known whether to laugh or cry." He said his father was i