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Brian Clough Statue Brian Clough Statue



European Cup winner Gary Mills says he would never swap the Cloughie glory years with the money in today's game. Mills joins Marcus Alton for the Green Jumper pod (December 2021) and talks with humour and emotion about his memories of the Master Manager.  There's also the chance to win a signed copy of his book. Visit out Podcast Page


Former FIFA referee Keith Hackett has described his admiration for Cloughie and recalled their final conversation. "His honesty and integrity - from my point of view - couldn't be faulted," Keith told the latest Green Jumper pod. "His support of referees - well - he's top of the list." 

Keith talks about the time Cloughie requested that he officiate a friendly between Nottingham Forest and the American side Tampa Bay Rowdies - and how it led to the mistaken substitution of a European Cup legend. Plus there's the time he was guest speaker at a referees' conference - and received a standing ovation. 

You'll hear how Brian signalled for Keith to chat to him at the City Ground for their last conversation together - and Keith also reveals whether he'd have sent off Paul Gascoigne for two terrible challenges in the 1991 FA Cup Final, in which Cloughie's Forest played Spurs. Just visit our PODCAST PAGE and look for The Whistle (November 2021).


Stories surrounding Nottingham's brilliant bronze statue of Brain Clough take 'centre stage' in the Green Jumper pod, 'Bronze Brilliance.' The man who was the driving force behind the project, Marcus Alton, takes you through the story, including how he worked with the Clough family to make the dream become reality. 

Marcus describes how a small group of volunteers worked tirelessly to smash the £70,000 fund-raising target in just 18 months, before setting about the search for a sculptor. The pod, below, also features former players including John Robertson, Viv Anderson, Kenny Burns and Nigel Jemson. 

Mrs Clough unveiled the statue on 6th November, 2008, in front of 5,000 fans and the world's media. 'Bronze Brilliance' has been produced to mark the 13th anniversary of that memorable day. 


Former Cloughie player Ian Woan has been recalling how the Miracle Manager banned his players from doing any extra training. Woan says Cloughie ensured the players were relaxed before a match and kept instructions short and to the point. 

“We weren’t allowed to do extra training,” says Woan. “No gym, either. Sometimes we’d have a bad result and in the dressing room afterwards, Clough would just say: ‘OK, lads. See you Thursday.'"

The former Nottingham Forest player told The Guardian (October 2021) that Clough never spoke about the opposition. "It was all about instilling confidence in us. His magic was finding the missing pieces of the puzzle and putting a team of misfits together. Anyone else would just see pieces in a box.

“On match days, at 2.50pm, we’d be throwing a tennis ball around, throw it to the gaffer, he’d throw it back. No music, the door would be open. He’d just point at the ball, and say to us: ‘Lads, this is your friend. Look after it.’ Archie Gemmill might be saying something in a players’ ear. ‘All the best, skipper,’ Clough would say to Pearce. And then we’d be off.”


The Brian Clough tribute podcast has received the 'thumbs-up' in Cloughie's hometown of Middlesbrough. The Evening Gazette newspaper has highlighted the Green Jumper pod's episode recalling special Boro memories. 'The Pencil' (the reason for the title is explained in the podcast) includes memories of Cloughie's emotional farewell to Ayresome Park - the scene of his incredible goal-scoring exploits. Read the Gazette article HERE


Latest figures show the popular Green Jumper podcast has now been downloaded in more than 50 countries since its launch in February 2021. Thousands of people around the world have tuned-in to hear stories and memories celebrating the Great Man and his memory. 

Podcast host Marcus Alton said: "It's absolutely incredible to think that the podcast is now downloaded all around the world. It just goes to show the huge impact that Cloughie had on people around the globe and how people still like to hear stories about him and celebrate his memory and remarkable achievements.

"I couldn't have put the 20-plus episodes together without the help of all the great guests who have appeared so far. They've all been brilliant. My thanks go to them and all the listeners in so many countries, from Japan to Brazil - and from Canada to Nepal. I can guarantee there are more great episodes to come."

Visit our Podcast Page


Fans have been remembering Cloughie, 17 years since he passed away on 20th September 2004. Social media has been inundated with memories of the Master Manager. Tributes include this bonus edition of the Green Jumper pod, featuring website editor Marcus Alton. 

Lord Clarke 

Former Home Secretary Ken Clarke has revealed how Cloughie held regular protests outside his constituency office in Nottingham. The ex-Conservative MP, now Lord Clarke of Nottingham, is the latest guest on the Green Jumper pod. He tells Marcus Alton how Labour-supporting Brian would lead demonstrations while Ken was trying to hold his regular surgery with constituents. 

"It was affecting the elderly constituents who wanted to see me and I told Brian to pack it in," says Ken Clarke,  who is a lifelong Forest supporter. You can hear what happened next in the full episode of the pod on our Podcast Page. Here's a taster....


Fans were back in the stadium for the 31st Brian Clough Trophy match, after supporters were unable to attend the previous three encounters due to Covid restrictions. The match at Pride Park on 28th August 2021 ended in a 1-1 draw, meaning Nottingham Forest retained the trophy


To mark the 21st anniversary of this website, there's a short bonus snippet of the popular Green Jumper Pod. The website was launched in August 2000. Thanks for your support over the years. Enjoy this step back in time...


In the latest Green Jumper podcast, there's a great story about how Cloughie made memories to last a life-time for one couple who had just got engaged. Plus you'll hear about Brian's special method of treating injuries - a trip to the seaside.....


Cloughie favourite Steve Chettle says he'll always be grateful to Brian for giving him the chance to play for his home city club. The defender began life at Nottingham Forest as Garry Birtles' apprentice and recalls the high standards that were expected, not only on the pitch but behind the scenes. 

In the Green Jumper pod, Chettle shares some special memories with the editor of this website, Marcus Alton. The full episode is on the podcast page, here's a taster....

In the full episode, Chettle recalls being named Brian Clough's Player of the Year, as well as enjoying memories of a fantastic goal he scored against Cloughie's former club, Sunderland. Both events were featured in the Nottingham Forest matchday programme more than 30 years ago...

Nottingham Forest awards Chettle receives award
Steve Chettle goal Chettle's goal (left page)


The latest episode of the worldwide popular podcast Green Jumper is now out, featuring Clough legend Alan Hinton. 
Speaking from Seattle, Alan talks about what it was like working for the Master Manager, what made him laugh, plus their emotional reunion at the City Ground.  It's available on our podcast page


One of Cloughie's legendary defenders says Old Big 'Ead would have adapted his skills to be a successful manager in the modern game. Des Walker was a star of the trophy-winning Nottingham Forest sides of the late eighties when Clough re-built his successful teams without assistant Peter Taylor by his side. 

Walker played for various bosses during his outstanding career, including Sir Bobby Robson and Sven-Goran Eriksson, but he says nobody came even close to matching Cloughie's genius. "Best manager I ever had, by a long way," Walker told the Daily Telegraph (June 2021). 

"Simple and effective. He didn't ask you to do something you weren't good at, you had to do what you were good at. You had to have courage to play for him. You had to be able to make a mistake and get on with it." Walker made very few mistakes and Clough's admiration for the England international stretched to taking his boots off for him after a match - or asking another player to do it.

"Great managers can manage players, whatever the age or era," added Walker. "Cloughie would adjust to anything. He's still have his character if he was managing now, but you wouldn't have the lifespan of management if he couldn't adapt. Football has always changed, it's not been the last 10 years you know? He could manage anywhere in the world."

Walker is now involved in coaching too. He works alongside Dennis Wise in charge of Garuda Select, a UK-based academy for young Indonesian footballers.

Cloughie legend Alan Hinton is the guest on the forthcoming Green Jumper Podcast. In this taster, he recalls how Cloughie became involved in the cabaret show of legendary entertainer Tommy Cooper. It turned into a comical card trick....

A letter sent by Brian Clough to a fan in Middlesbrough back in 1963 is still a treasured possession. Boro supporter Sam Moore describes how the letter, to her late father Trevor, came about in the Green Jumper Podcast. The typed letter was sent shortly after Brian suffered the terrible injury which effectively ended his playing career. 

Clough Letter Clough Letter

The podcast also features author Rich Fisher who recalls joining Cloughie on the pitch following his final home league match, in May 1993. One of his photographs from that momentous day is shown below. 

Clough at Nottingham Forest Farewell Cloughie

Rich also remembers the FA Cup Final in 1991, when Rich was pictured at Wembley Stadium with his brother Alan (below), and describes one of his key contributions to the successful efforts raising money for the Brian Clough statue in Nottingham.

Forest Wembley 1991 Wembley 1991

This episode of the Green Jumper Pod (The Letter, May 2021) is featured on our podcast page, with all the other episodes also available. 


The latest Green Jumper podcast features a sports journalist who describes an opportunity he couldn't refuse: the chance to go to Cloughie's house to record an interview alongside European Cup captain John McGovern. Chris Ellis also talks about his memories of being in Brian's office after his final home match in May 1993. 

The photo below shows Chris as a teenager on that memorable day. The full episode of 'Inside Story' is on the Podcast page (May 2021). You'll find a taster below.  

Brian Clough Brian with Chris Ellis


Cloughie's son Nigel has said his dad's views on the ill-fated plans for a European Super League would not have been repeatable. It follows the decision by six Premier League rebel clubs, including Manchester United, Liverpool and Spurs, to change their minds about joining, after seeing the level of opposition among fans. 

On being told of their withdrawal shortly after seeing his Mansfield Town side beat Scunthorpe 3-0 to ensure Football League safety, Nigel told the Mansfield Chad newspaper: "Good - so they should." 

Nigel said the issue, and how it had been handled, demonstrated just how out of touch the decision makers at these top clubs were. And he added that his dad would have felt the same as him. "You could not repeat what my dad would have said about this," said Nigel. 

"He would have been very dismayed by what has happened to football in the last 20 odd years, with greed being the over-riding factor. Football has changed immeasurably since the Premier League, especially with elitism and the lower division clubs. It used to be much more that everybody looked after everybody in football and I don't see that any more."  


Cloughie stalwart Paul Hart is the latest guest on the Green Jumper Pod (April 2021). You'll enjoy listening to some  fond memories and great stories of working with the man Harty calls a genius. Visit our podcast page ... here's a little taster ...


On what would have been Brian Clough's 86th birthday (March 2021), the Green Jumper Pod has a special tribute to Old Big 'Ead. It contains memories of the miracle manager and a taster of a forthcoming episode. Be sure to visit the Green Jumper for more episodes. 


Former top flight footballer Garry Thompson has recalled the unexpected gift he received from Brian Clough after scoring a hat-trick against him. It's one of the great stories in the second episode of the Green Jumper podcast (March 2021). Thompson also talks about Paul Hart, Stan Collymore and Viv Anderson in this edition which also includes a competition: Green Jumper.

The thirtieth Brian Clough Trophy match saw Nottingham Forest retain the cup after a 1-1 draw with Derby County at Pride Park (February 2021). It means the Reds have kept the trophy at the City Ground for two consecutive years. The Rams had previously secured the cup for almost three successive years. You can read more about the trophy HERE. 

Joe Worrall with Clough Trophy Joe Worrall & Brian Clough Trophy


The first episode of the new Brian Clough tribute podcast is out now. The guest is former BBC sports presenter Mark Shardlow who hosted Cloughie's first live radio phone in. He describes his apprehension before the show, what happened behind the scenes and recalls Brian's amusing conversations with fans.

There's also a competition and exclusive discount code. Have a listen to the Green Jumper pod. It'll soon be in your top one!


A football fan has designed an eye-catching piece of artwork celebrating Brian Clough's many trophy successes. It's based on the London tube map and tracks the teams which lifted Cloughie's cup collection at Nottingham Forest. You can see it HERE, along with an interview with the man behind it. 


We've launched the Brian Clough tribute podcast. It's presented by the editor of this website, Marcus Alton, who will be speaking to some great guests over the coming months. The Green Jumper pod will feature stories and memories from the Clough era, along with exclusive prizes and offers.

From January 2021, it's available where you usually get your podcasts, including Apple, Google, Amazon and Spotify. The trailer is available on our Green Jumper podcast page. Please give it a listen and subscribe. 


Cloughie's sense of humour often grabbed the headlines. Just as it did exactly 34 years ago, when he swapped places with the driver of the team coach - just for a laugh. It was January 1987 and Brian appeared in a special New Year feature in the Nottingham Forest matchday programme for the game against Liverpool. We've re-created the light-hearted JOB SWAP


Brian's son Nigel has spoken of his hopes of staying in football management long enough to at least match his dad. In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail (January 2021), Nigel recalls with a smile what his dad used to say to him about his career. There's more HERE.