Cloughie's sense of humour often grabbed the headlines. None more so than when he swapped places with the driver of the team coach - just for a laugh. It was January 1987 and Brian appeared in a special New Year feature in the Nottingham Forest matchday programme for the game against Liverpool.

Old Big 'Ead swapped seats with the Red's coach driver Albert Kershaw and was pictured, above, behind the wheel with a cigarette, as Albert used to enjoy a smoke - when Brian allowed it!

In return, Albert was pictured in the role of manager - behind a desk and with Brian's famous squash racquet. As part of the feature, they also answered questions in their new respective roles - with tongue firmly in cheek.

Albert as team manager



The feature was entitled "'Big Head' and his mate." Some of it read as follows:

Full Name: Brian Howard Clough
Occupation: Coach driver
Pets: Forest's Board of Directors
Likes: Annoying football managers who think they know it all
Dislikes: Football managers who do know it all
Ambitions for 1987: To get to an away ground before 2.30pm
Favourite newspaper: The one the manager does not write in - if you can find it
Habits: Throwing a 'deaf un' when the manager has one of his turns
What other job would you like to do: Manage Nottingham Forest. My first job would be to give the coach driver a rise
Biggest influence on career: No-one - how could anyone tell me anything about my job?
Claim to fame: The only coach driver who can walk on water

Full Name: Albert Kershaw
Occupation: Football manager
Likes: Putting coach drivers in their rightful place
Dislikes: Coach drivers who think they can manage a football club
Ambitions for 1987: To persuade our coach driver to get us to a match on time
Person you would most like to meet: The coach driver's wife - I don't know how she puts up with him.