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Glory in Greece 

We can reveal how a managerial masterstroke by Cloughie helped his Forest side overcome a hostile atmosphere in their first overseas European Cup match forty years ago. The Reds had travelled to Greece to face AEK Athens, after dumping holders Liverpool out of the competition. 

The Greek fans were passionate and noisy and created an intimidating atmosphere in the stadium (18 October 1978). But speaking exclusively to this website, Brian's sister in law June, who was among the 36,000 crowd in Athens that night, described how Brian ensured his players were not intimidated. 

June Clough's memories of that special night in Greece are recalled in a special report on this website. Forest won the first leg 2-1 and afterwards Brian told the media: "The press lost this game for AEK. They expected them to win 3-0 and the players froze from fear when they soon realised this was not going to be the case."

The Greek trip was also notable for Clough's spat with defender Larry Lloyd who refused to wear his club blazer for the flight home. He said it was at the bottom of his suitcase and there'd been no official order to wear the jackets. 

Brian told the big defender he would be fined and, when Lloyd protested, the fine was increased. Lloyd was told he'd be dropped for the next league game - and he said he wanted a transfer. But Lloyd eventually paid up and continued to be a key part of the European Cup winning team. 

Francis Reflects 

Trevor Francis has described Cloughie as utterly 'compelling'. Francis, the scorer of the goal that won Clough the European Cup in 1979, says his former boss was a 'one off'. 

"I'm not sure exactly what a genius is, but he must have bordered on being one," said Francis. "At times, some of the things he did were quite eccentric, but it always provided results."

Francis told a BBC Radio Nottingham podcast (October 2018) that wherever he goes, people ask him what it was like to play for Clough, even all these years later. "I can understand that. Even when I wasn't playing for him I wanted to hear what he had to say when he was on TV. He was compelling viewing." 

Anfield Memories 

It’s forty years since Cloughie’s Forest dumped holders Liverpool out of the European Cup. A goal-less draw at Anfield meant Forest went through 2-0 on aggregate (September 1978).

Tony Woodcock recalls: “Clough was superb with us when we went to Liverpool for the second leg.” He kept the players waiting before they left the hotel for the journey to Anfield. The Forest players were on the coach waiting to go, but there was still no sign of Cloughie.   

With just an hour to go before kick-off, Clough and his assistant Peter Taylor appeared. Their reasoning was that everyone would be in the ground, so the roads would be clear for the journey. No hold-ups. They didn’t want the players hanging around and worrying. 

The players were also given instructions on behaviour. “They made it very clear,” said Woodcock. “Absolutely no gloating. Straight off the pitch. Changed immediately. Straight on the coach. Straight back to Nottingham. 

"And that’s what happened. We drew 0-0 and that (over two legs) was probably still the greatest of our victories." Woodcock’s memories are included in ‘The official history of Nottingham Forest’ by Philip Soar (Polar Publishing).

Cloughie Remembered 

Fans paid tribute to Cloughie with a minute's applause to mark the fourteenth anniversary of his death. Forest supporters remembered the Master Manager during the fourteenth minute of the Reds' league match against Rotherham at the City Ground (September 2018).

Read: Goodnight Youngman

Web Anniversary

It's 18 years since the launch of this tribute website, with widespread media coverage, including local and national newspapers and radio reports. The site began on 8th August, 2000, with the support of Brian and his family.

Back in 2003, the website received a huge number of 'Get Well' messages for Cloughie following his liver transplant - and they were all passed on to him. The following year, he personally thanked the website editor.   

In 2010, to mark the website's tenth anniversary, Mrs Clough said she hoped the website would continue for many years to come. You can read her original comments HERE.  Marking 18 years HERE

Walking on Water 

Fans queued-up to meet Cloughie at a series of signing sessions for his updated paperback, 'Walking on Water' 15 years ago (July and August 2003). At one of the events, at WH Smith in Nottingham, he thanked the website editor Marcus Alton for passing on 'Get Well' messages received by the site following his liver transplant. 

In a BBC interview, he told Marcus about the operation and his appreciation of all the staff at Newcastle's Freeman Hospital. While describing the expertise of his surgeon, Derek Manas, Cloughie dished out the kind of praise that could only come from Old Big 'Ead.

He told Marcus: "He's supposed to be in the top three in the country, but he told me he was the best. Conceited - it's incredible. I said to him: 'They'll have to widen the hospital doors if you and I walk in together, because they'd never get both heads through one door, would they?'"

There are more great memories about 'Walking On Water' and the signing sessions in our special report

Special Kick-About 

Fifteen years ago, the Master Manager made the headlines by having a kick-about with a group of young footballers during a public appearance. Cloughie coached the under-11's as part of a special event in Nottinghamshire (reported the Nottingham Post, July 4th, 2003). 

Referring to Nottingham Forest's manager at the time, he told the youngsters: "If Paul Hart continues signing all these young lads, you'll qualify to be picked in about eighteen months!" 

Cloughie presented the boys with medals and signed copies of his autobiography. He thanked the crowd in Netherfield for a rousing welcome. "You looked after me for twenty years and I'm very, very grateful for that," he said. 

Morals & Manners

Burnley's assistant manager Ian Woan has described how he and boss Sean Dyche have taken Cloughie's principles with them. Woan was a first team player under Clough at Nottingham Forest while Dyche was a trainee. 

The pair share an apartment near Burnley three nights a week and then travel back to their families in Nottingham (Woan) and Northampton (Dyche). Woan was best man at Dyche's wedding. At Burnley, it's clear the man-management strategies picked-up at Forest have stuck with them. 

"He was special, there is no doubt about that. An aura," reflects Woan on Clough. "I think those morals and manners - please, thank you, excuse me - definitely rubbed off on us and were instilled in us. It's just respect. 

"Hotel staff have told us our lot are the best-behaved group they've ever had. That makes you super proud. Premier League players are notoriously not like that but this group are." Woan's comments are included in an exclusive Daily Mail interview (July 2018)

Top Class

Cloughie was on sparkling form when he visited an infants school to present prizes, fifteen years ago this month (July 2003). He shook hands with the youngsters as they collected their awards from the Master Manager. Cloughie was the guest of honour at Peartree Infants School, near Derby County's old Baseball Ground. 

While at the school, he was interviewed by BBC East Midlands Today. Speaking six months after his life-saving liver transplant, Old Big 'Ead praised people who carry donor cards. "To give somebody life, whatever organ it is, people do remarkably well. They are incredibly brave to volunteer this type of thing -- when you say 'take my lungs, take my heart, take my liver, take anything'." 

Then, in typical Clough fashion, he joked: "I could do with a new right knee at the moment. They want to give me an artificial one. But I am loathed to let it go. It has stood me in good stead for twenty years as a player and twenty years in management. But it's on the blink, so to speak. So, if anyone has got one...I have checked with the Co-op and they are not in til Christmas." 

Archive Action 

Former Forest player Martin O'Neill has been speaking about a rare Cloughie interview he had not seen before. In it, the Master Manager suggests O'Neill could have played in the 1979 European Cup Final instead of Trevor Francis, if he'd been fit. 

The Independent in Ireland reported how O'Neill had been watching television when the screening of an interview from the archives took him by surprise. O'Neill thought he was familiar with all Cloughie's comments over the years, but this one was new to him. 

O'Neill reckons the interview was recorded about six months after Forest's 1979 European Cup win over Malmo, when O'Neill had to sit on the bench while Francis made his first appearance in the competition - and scored the only goal of the game. 

"I'd never seen this interview before," says O'Neill. "And he was saying that Trevor Francis was the luckiest boy in the world to have played in that game because if I didn't have my injuries to contend with, then he wouldn't have started. I'd never seen it until recently. Do you know, it was no fantastic consolation to find out."

Fortunately, Clough took Forest to a second consecutive final and O'Neill was part of the starting line-up that beat Hamburg in 1980. There are more thoughts from O'Neill in the Independent (July 2018). 

Hot Chocolate

A former Cloughie apprentice at Nottingham Forest has described how the Master Manager gave him a fifty pound note for selecting gifts for the players' wives. Steve Guinan said he was injured when Brian drove him to a shop, where he chose chocolate goodies. 

Guinan began as an apprentice at the City Ground in 1992, near the end of Cloughie's 18-year reign at the City Ground.  He recalled: "One day that stands out for me was during a time when I was injured. Clough put his hands on my shoulders and basically picked me up and said 'come with me'. 

"We went in his big estate car, along with his Labrador 'Del Boy', who was licking my ears, but I was too petrified to say anything! We arrived at a shop and he told me to choose chocolates, magazines and flowers and then once I'd chosen I had to buy 30 of each, which he then gave to the players' wives as a present. 

"When we got back he took me into his office, made me a hot chocolate and gave me a crisp £50 note as a thank you, kissed me on the cheek and told me to get out!"

Guinan now works for the Football Association and the Professional Footballers Association. There are more of his Cloughie memories at Gloucestershire Live (June 2018). 

Columbia Link

The assistant manager of Columbia's World Cup squad has revealed how he nearly signed for Cloughie. Nestor Lorenzo played for Argentina in the 1990 World Cup Final as they lost 1-0 to Germany. The centre-half then began his adventures in England by almost joining Nottingham Forest. 

Lorenzo told The Sun (June 2018): "Forest wanted me, they almost sold Des Walker to Juventus that summer and Brian Clough called me personally. He explained that if he sold Des that I would sign for Forest. I was at Forest for a week, I was sure I was going to be their player. Then Brian Clough called me and said he couldn't buy me."

The disappointed Lorenzo was then approached by Argentinian Ossie Ardiles who signed him for Swindon Town. But financial problems meant Swindon did not achieve their full potential and ended-up being relegated. Lorenzo said he would still like to coach in England in the future.

Drooling for Wenger 

Following the announcement that Arsene Wenger is stepping down as Arsenal manager after 22 years (April 2018), it's time to reflect on those classic Clough quotes about the Frenchman and his team. In one of his last interviews Cloughie said: "It is no exaggeration to say Wenger has become an idol of mine. And from somebody as conceited, biased, bigoted and big-headed as me, that is a compliment." 

There were many great Clough comments about Wenger and we have searched through our archives to bring you the best - and the rest. Read them HERE

Classic TV Times

"Without Brian we wouldn't have won any trophy." That comment by former Nottingham Forest and England striker Trevor Francis was featured in a television documentary reflecting on English football's golden years in Europe. 

Including rare out-takes of Clough interviews, 'When English Football Ruled Europe' on ITV4 (March 2018) brought back marvellous memories of the Master Manager's back-to-back European Cup successes in 1979 and 1980, taking the coveted trophy off the then English champions, Liverpool. 

Trevor Francis explained he wanted to join Forest because of Cloughie. After signing for the Reds in front of the media, the £1M player was then expected to make the tea for the invited press and TV reporters. His first appearance in the European Cup saw him score the winner in the 1979 final against Malmo. 

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness, who was part of the Merseyside team beaten by Forest, told the programme that Clough and Forest's success at that time - from Second Division promotion winners to European Champions - was probably the greatest achievement ever in British football. 

Electronic Edition 

The best selling Cloughie book 'Fifty Defining Fixtures' is now available as an e-book on Amazon. Written by the editor of this website, and published by Amberley, the book is the only one to look at key games during Brian's playing and managerial career spanning nearly four decades. It also contains some more classic quotes from the master of the one-liners as well as photographs from the archives. 

'Brian Clough Fifty Defining Fixtures' is the fourth book by Marcus Alton and has been featured in the 'Our Choice' section at Waterstones. You can read more information, plus the chance to buy personally signed copies of the paperback (with 10% discount), HERE, while you can buy the e-book HERE.  

Birthday Ball 

One of the Cloughie statue fundraisers in Nottingham has recalled the special birthday present he received from the Great Man when he was a schoolboy. Rich Fisher was part of the small group of volunteers who raised £70,000 for the bronze sculpture of Brian in the city centre. The former Forest fanzine editor has now written a book about his exploits while following the Reds for more than twenty five years.

Rich recalls that he wrote to Brian to invite him to a tea party at his house to celebrate his twelfth birthday. Although the Master Manager was unable to attend the celebrations with Rich’s schoolmates, a ‘chunky’ package arrived through the post a couple of days later.  

Writes Rich: “Now back when you were a kid, getting anything in the post was exciting. But when it’s a parcel with a Nottingham Forest postmark – well, the levels of anticipation were frankly off the scale. 

"Giddy with wonder, I ripped open the brown paper… and I discovered a letter from none other than Cloughie himself – who thanked me for the invite and apologised for his non-attendance, citing the fact that he’d been away sunning himself in Majorca.

“But best of all, accompanying the letter was a football signed by the entire Forest squad.” Rich adds that the letter and signed football remain cherished possessions. It’s one of the anecdotes in the book ‘The Church of Stuart Pearce and Other Stories’ which is being launched with a special event at Waterstones in Nottingham on Thursday, March 15th, 2018.

There are more details about the book on Facebook and you could win a copy of the book signed by Rich and former Forest star Brian Rice, who has written the foreword, in our latest competition

Forest & Derby 

As Cloughie's former clubs Nottingham Forest and Derby County faced each other in the Championship (March 2018), thoughts went back to April 2004 when the Great Man was asked by a fan: 'Where does your heart lie - Derby or Forest?' Harvey Hopkins had emailed the question as part of a Q&A  feature in Four Four Two magazine. 

Clough replied: "I'm split between the two. I spent one third of my life up until 1993 at Forest and fulfilled everything I ever wanted in management. At Derby, I was young, full of myself and that side I left behind in 1973 was the best I ever managed. It breaks my heart to see the state both clubs are in."

The Brian Clough Trophy is up for grabs each time his two former clubs play each other. More details here

The Pinnacle 

Forty years ago, Cloughie's Nottingham Forest outplayed Manchester United at Old Trafford in a game that the Great Man would later say was hugely significant. Newly-promoted Forest won 4-0  (December 1977) on their way to securing the league championship title that season.  

BBC commentator Barry Davies said United had been buried in their own back yard. Clough described it as a massacre. Defender David Needham made his Forest debut in the game. Cloughie joked: "I think he is a very lucky young man to be coming into a side like this." 

In later years, Cloughie reflected on the significance of the game and the result: "That was the absolute pinnacle, if we had realised it at the time..." Defender Viv Anderson recalled how Forest and their fans had silenced the Stretford End. "And that takes some doing," he said. The match is featured in the new book 'Brian Clough Fifty Defining Fixtures'. 

The Top Boss

The Nottinghamshire MP and Nottingham Forest fan Ken Clarke has described Cloughie as the greatest football manager since the Second World War. And Parliament's 'Father of the House' had a gentle dig at bosses like Alex Ferguson,  saying that if he was offered the chance to manage money-bags Manchester United, even he might be able to win some trophies. 

Mr Clarke was speaking during a politics festival in Scotland which was recently screened by the BBC Parliament television channel. During a question and answer session, a member of the audience asked him to recall his favourite Forest moment. 

During his answer, Mr Clarke said: "The Clough years were the great years. He was the greatest manager of any football club since the war. I think you or I could have a go with Man Utd for a year or two with all that money - and we might actually pick up the odd trophy. 

"But to go to two non-descript midland football clubs like Derby County & Nottingham Forest and take them to the league championship - and Forest to the European Cup too - no one is ever going to repeat that." 

Ken Clarke has previously contributed an anecdote to the popular book 'The Day I Met Brian Clough' which includes memories from his family, friends and fans. 

Don't Argue

A great Cloughie quote has been featured in The Diary section of The Times newspaper (November 2017). The column said that the former England cricket selector, Geoff Miller, told an audience at the Sporting Speaker of the Year awards that he treasured advice he was once given by Clough. "Don't argue with idiots," Brian told him. "They'll bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience." 

If the cap fits...

Cloughie famously called himself Old Big 'Ead - and to keep that as a fond reminder of the Master Manager, we have some exclusive baseball caps featuring his iconic green sweatshirt and that momentous nickname. It's also fitting that 10% of profits from the sale of the stylish head-wear will go to the charity, the NSPCC, a cause which was supported by Brian and Barbara Clough.

The caps are 100% cotton with a fully embroidered design (not a transfer) and are an ideal Christmas present for a Cloughie fan. There is also a cotton adjustable strap (so it should fit a big 'ead). They are available to buy now in the brianclough.com shop.

Simply The Best

Martin O'Neill has dismissed claims that Cloughie did little or no coaching. Speaking ahead of his Republic of Ireland team's World Cup qualifier against Denmark (November 2017), Clough's former midfielder said just a word of praise from his old boss meant so much. He said directing players during a game was crucial. 

"Brian Clough was considered a great man manager and I hear people say he didn't do a lot of coaching. I have to tell you, that is the biggest load of balderdash," O'Neill told the Daily Telegraph. 

"Clough did a lot of coaching, but he didn't take us for long sessions and have us standing around, pointing out things all the time. But he was always there, he always joined in, he would make small points, but they were always interesting. 

"During a game, that was his real strength. He would point out little things to you and they would really stick because the pressure was on in the midst of a game. It was something you had to rectify if you were going to help the team. He had a wonderful way of getting through to you, particularly at half time. One word of praise from him meant so much."

In this excellent article, O'Neill talks about how he likes the idea of being the underdog, as he was with Clough's European Cup winners, and how he works well with Roy Keane - another Clough disciple.  Read it in full. 

Festive Clough

To help you get into the festive spirit, a Christmas jumper has been designed featuring the Master Manager. With the message 'Merry Cloughmas' the jumper is in Cloughie green and has an image of Brian on the front. It is available via the footballpunk.com website. 


Nottingham Forest fans paid a special tribute to Cloughie to mark the thirteenth anniversary of his death. Reds supporters sang the name of the Master Manager in the thirteenth minute of the League Cup tie against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. 

Commentating on the match, Colin Fray of BBC Radio Nottingham said: "The Forest fans are in good voice at the moment. The 13th minute mark - as promised - they are marking the anniversary of the passing of the club's greatest ever manager. They're on their feet chanting Brian Clough's name."

Brian's  son Nigel also spoke about his father on the 13th anniversary. As his Burton Albion side faced Jose Mourinho's Manchester United in the League Cup, Nigel  said Mourinho's straight-talking style was much like his Dad's. 

"The way they go about it and the way they deal with things in such a no-nonsense manner is similar," said Nigel. "It's black or white and that's it. If a player does the job for him he has him in and if he doesn't that's it. 

"They look at things in very similar ways. They way he deals with the press and the media, there are similarities there. He's just no-nonsense and says what he thinks and that's the biggest similarity." Nigel was quoted in the Daily Star

There are memories from 20th September, 2004, HERE, along with fans' tributes HERE.

Match Memories

A trophy-laden Cloughie was pictured on the front cover of Forest's matchday programme at the start of the season 28 years ago. He held the Littlewoods Cup and Simod Cup which his Reds players had won the previous season, proving that he could once again build a successful side from scratch. 

He also had a joke in his programme notes, as well as describing how he had spent a day in the office of Aston Villa chairman Doug Ellis. We've got more on this HERE

Plus, following Forest's 1-0 win over Middlesbrough in the Championship, there are special memories of when Cloughie welcomed his hometown club to the City Ground for the final time in a league game, before his retirement, HERE


It's 17 years since this tribute website was launched and soon welcomed the approval of Brian and his family. The site began on 17th August 2000 and was soon receiving hits and emails from around the world. It has also helped to raise money for charity.

In 2010, Mrs Clough sent a special message saying she hoped the site would continue for many years. To mark the 17th anniversary, the site has a brand new look which is compatible for mobile devices as well as desktop computers. We hope it will make navigating the site much easier. More pages will be added in the coming weeks and months. Thanks for visiting.

Dad's Way

Brian's son Nigel has spoken about the types of things in modern football that would have annoyed his father - including the amount of money in the game and how it is spent.

"You haven't got long enough for what would annoy him," Nigel told TalkSport (May 2017). "There's a lot. I think the amount of money in football at the moment, he would consider to be obscene, and the fact that there's young players who are millionaires who haven't kicked a football in the first teams and things like that.

"There's an awful lot of areas that would annoy him. I think there was a report that came out the other week about the record revenues of £3.6 billion in the Premier League now and 13 out of 20 teams haven't got adequate facilities for the disabled.

"When all the money's there and it's not being channelled in the right areas, things like that would have annoyed him." Brian would not have had a high regard for clubs who buy success. 

"I don't think he had much time for people who'd spend their way there, who buy titles and everything," Nigel added.

"But any manager who goes about the job in what he would consider the right way, with honesty and integrity and gets the teams to play a bit of football and work hard.

"And playing for the supporters as well. Supporters get isolated a little bit because there's such a big gap now between players and supporters, and he was very keen on keeping that tight."

His Way

The new owner of Nottingham Forest has heaped praise on the club's legendary manager. "Brian Clough was a one-off and unique," Evangelos Marinakis told the BBC after taking over the Reds from Fawaz Al Hasawi (May 2017).

The Greek businessman said he was an admirer of Clough and his achievements at the City Ground. "Brian Clough was a person that had his own ideas and ideas that no-one else had thought before. He did it his way and he was very successful," said Marinakis.

"It is very difficult to find other managers or other people who will do the same job that Brian Clough did. He was unique. If you try to do it how he did it, you will not be successful because he was unique and he did it his own way.

The Name Game

Former Nottingham Forest striker Teddy Sheringham has paid tribute to Cloughie, describing him as 'a proper legend'. Sheringham also laughed when recalling how Brian would call him Edward, instead of Teddy. "It was only my Mum and Brian Clough who called me Edward," he told the Fantasy Football Club on Sky Sports TV (May 2017).

"I went up with my agent to sign for Nottingham Forest," he said. "I'd sorted everything out with the secretary and I could hear him walking down the corridor - and everyone was scarpering because they didn't want to get in his way. He came round the corner and said, 'Ah, this is our new signing, is it? Edward Sheringham?'

"I thought, oh no, so I said, 'Boss, could you call me Teddy? I don't really get called Edward.' He said, 'Welcome to Nottingham, Edward.' He carried on calling me that for the rest of the time I was there."

Sheringham went on to praise his former boss. "What a fantastic manager Cloughie was," he said. "I loved playing for him. A proper legend. He taught me a lot about different ways of playing. After my days at Millwall, it was a big eye-opener when I went to Forest."

Fighting The Drop

Brian's son Nigel says his Dad would have been heartbroken to see some of his former clubs in such dire straits. Nigel, who has done an amazing job in keeping Burton Albion in the Championship this season, said he hoped Nottingham Forest would stay up too.

Nigel told the Nottingham Evening Post (May 2017): "It would have been strange for him seeing Sunderland go down and then possibly Middlesbrough and Hartlepool, three clubs very close to him. That would have broken his heart.

"He wouldn't be too chuffed with how Derby and Forest are being run but he would have loved sitting here watching us come up against the big boys. He did it for many years as well, fighting against the odds, Liverpool and Manchester United. He would have loved watching us."

Sixteen years ago, Brian himself was reflecting on the agony of facing relegation and feeling powerless to avoid it. In an end-of-season interview with BBC Radio (May 2001), Clough said he could understand the frustrations many managers, including himself, had to face to avoid the drop.

"Fear of relegation can dominate your life. In my case at Forest, it consumed me completely. I knew I was playing well but couldn't win a match." He said that towards the end of his final season with the Reds it eroded his confidence to such an extent he questioned whether he could still manage. And with a smile he said: "I'd been short of confidence throughout my life."

Top Gunners Shirt

It's eleven years this month since a special-edition shirt donated by Arsenal and signed by the Gunners' star players at that time fetched more than £400 for the campaign for a statue of Cloughie in Nottingham (April 2006). The framed shirt, which commemorated Arsenal's last season playing at Highbury, featured seventeen signatures, including those of Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Jose Antonio Reyes and Dennis Berkamp.

Quoted at the time, the chairman of the statue fund, Paul Ellis, told this website: "It's a superb gesture by Arsenal. In one of Brian Clough's last interviews he was full of praise for Arsene Wenger's team and the way they played football. So it's tremendous that a special shirt signed by their players will help to raise money for a lasting tribute to the greatest manager the game has seen.

"It's also fitting because Arsenal's original red shirts came from Nottingham Forest nearly 130 years ago. Forest gave a set of shirts to the then 'Woolwich Arsenal' team because they were struggling to find a kit. It's apt that Arsenal are now giving one of theirs, a collector's item, to such a good cause."

Just a few weeks before the on-line auction, the statue fund reached its half-way point, having been launched in the previous June. The campaign smashed its £70,000 target in just eighteen months. The statue was unveiled by Mrs Clough in November 2008.

New Cloughie Book

A fascinating new book looks at the incredible Clough story by focussing on some of the key matches during his outstanding career spanning nearly forty years. From his days as a top Middlesbrough marksman and Sunderland striker right through to his managerial debut at Hartlepool and the years as Master Manager of Derby County and Nottingham Forest, 'Brian Clough Fifty Defining Fixtures' is a must-have for any Clough fan.

The book, just published this month (April 2017), contains more great quotes freshly collected from the archives, plus wonderful photographs. Using archive reports and analysis, as well as fans' memories, this is the fourth Clough book by journalist and website editor Marcus Alton. This website is offering a special 10% discount and free postage and packing for orders in the UK until the end of May 2017. Read more and order HERE.

Wembley Steps

Former Southampton boss Lawrie McMenemy has recalled the day in 1979 when Cloughie insisted on leading him up the Wembley steps to the Royal Box, following the League Cup Final. It was a trophy that Clough won four times in an outstanding managerial career. Read more on our new Facebook page HERE.

Statue Memories

It's nine years since Cloughie sculptor Les Johnson visited a newspaper's offices to look at photographs of the Master Manager to help his work creating Nottingham's brilliant bronze statue. Les was given exclusive access to the photo archive at the Nottingham Post. There's more about the visit HERE.

It's also eleven years since a huge Brian Clough banner was auctioned online and fetched nearly £900 for the statue fund (in Feburary, 2006). The banner featured one of Cloughie's best known quotes. There's more about that special banner HERE.

The volunteers behind the statue fund (which no longer exists) have also released a statement in response to media coverage of a petition, by a small minority, for the statue to be moved to the City Ground. The statement makes it clear that the city council is responsible for the statue's future care and that the money for the sculpture was raised on the basis that the statue was based in the city centre. 

Nottingham Forest were originally approached about having a statue in 2004, but volunteers were told the club did not intend having one. The previous owner of the club financially backed the fund, which received such fantastic public support that it smashed its target in 18 months. Read the full statement on the new Facebook page HERE.

The Clough Walk

Cloughie's family have given their support to a new book in which fans can trace his footsteps in a walk spanning more than 200 miles. 'The Clough Walk' has been created by two former deputy headteachers - one of them a Sunderland fan, the other a supporter of Nottingham Forest.

Unlike the Master Manager, fans are not required to walk on water. Instead, they begin the journey in Nottingham and can visit various Clough landmarks during the trek which ends on Roker Beach at Sunderland (where he spent many hours running, trying to recover from the injury which ended his playing career). The walk is split into sections and includes Derby, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool - other former clubs - and suitably 'circumnavigates' (as the book puts it) Leeds, where he spent just forty-four days.

In a preface to the book, Cloughie's sons, Simon and Nigel, and daughter Elizabeth say the idea is very appropriate because their Dad loved walking. They said: "He loved wildlife and nature and being out in the open air and his many strolls along beaches, in fields, up hills and the odd mountain gave him the freedom to enjoy these simple pleasures." 'The Clough Walk' by Martin Perry and Geoff Smith is published by Sigma Press with a recommended retail price of £8.99. There is a review of the book HERE.