It was one of the issues that often got Cloughie in the headlines - the job insecurity facing football managers. And in September 1980, ahead of a home match against Manchester City, he spoke out about what he described as the "directors' noose". 

In his programme notes, Clough expresses concern that the 'fatality rate among football managers is reaching the levels of about one a day.' 

He lists the names of a number of bosses who had recently received the chop, including Bill McGarry at Newcastle, Jimmy Adamson at Leeds and Bristol City's Alan Dicks. 

"We are all asking who is next because in all honesty nobody knows where the scaffolding is being erected," said Clough, before adding it was a fate that all managers would face 'somewhere along the line' even if they'd already been sacked at a previous club. 

Clough also asks readers to stop and think about the effects on the lives of managers who are 'kicked out of a job.'

"I know how I felt when Leeds showed me the door - and don't say I was laughing all the way to the bank. Financial settlements might soften the blow in certain areas bit it's far from everything in my book." He admits it's a hazard they all accept. 

Clough then kicks the ball firmly back into the boardroom and says managers "can't help wondering when the next chairman will find HIS neck in a noose!"

It's a view made famous by his quote featured on this website's Classic Quotes Collection: "If a chairman sacks the manager he initially appointed, he should go as well."