(December 2006)



Last banner up for auction


The final banner from the Brian Clough memorial service in Nottingham has been sold for more than £500 in an on-line auction. Featuring the quote voted as the Master Manager's very best, the rare item was one of a number of pieces of memorabilia being sold to raise money for a statue of Old Big 'Ead in Nottingham city centre.

Volunteers behind the Brian Clough Statue Fund launched another Grand Internet Auction in a bid to get closer to their £60,000 target. Items included a designer football signed by the Nottingham Forest squad and fashion guru Sir Paul Smith (£77); a painting of Cloughie donated by a local artist (£54); a green tribute sweatshirt signed by Nigel Clough and European Cup legends Martin O'Neill and John Robertson (£51) and a section of the original carpet laid inside Nottingham Forest's City Ground to mark the double European Cup triumphs under Brian Clough (£21).

The banner, which was one of several hung outside the Council House, has a picture of Cloughie alongside his famous words: "I wouldn't say I was the best manager in the business, but I was in the top one." The quote was voted his best of all-time in an on-line poll on this website. This is one of the larger banners displayed and is the only one of its size featuring this quote.

Rich Fisher from the fund said he expected the banner to be highly sought-after. "Not only does it feature a brilliant quote, but it was part of the memorial service which received worldwide media attention," said Rich.

The banner was one of a small number made especially for Nottingham City Council, which donated them to the statue fund to raise money.

Another rare item was a video from the 1980's, featuring Cloughie's adverts for East Midlands Electricity - complete with out-takes and a special message to staff. It sold for £67.

Cloughie video

In the video, Cloughie tells employees: "Alright you lot, you know what you are. You're 'the team you can trust'. And from now on, everyone's going to know about you, and be impressed by you. Why? Because I know what it takes to make a great team. For a kick-off - great teams need people that are talented, hard-working and, most importantly, people who will not only use their initiative, but aso help each other as well. Team-work, it's called."

He goes on to finish his team-talk in typical Clough style: "Something else to know about is a thing called commitment. For a team to win, you need commitment from everyone - from the top to the bottom. And I hope you **%$***!! here have got it from the top!"

The video was donated to the auction by former East Midlands Electricity employee, Brian Handley of Colwick in Nottingham.

Among the other items, John Robertson and Martin O'Neill had personally signed a commemorative copy of Cloughie's autobiography 'Walking on Water', for which O'Neill wrote the foreword. That went for £31.

"There were some rare items in this auction which could become very collectable," said Rich. "The European Cup carpet is very unusual. It was originally laid in Forest's Jubilee Club. You never know, Cloughie himself could have walked on it -- when he wasn't walking on water, of course!"

The section of carpet measures 7'-7" by 5'-1" and features the Forest logo and images of the European Cup. The painting of Cloughie was donated by Nottingham artist Phil Dakin, who specialises in painting famous people.

The MP for Mansfield, Alan Meale, donated a limited edition plate celebrating 'The Nottinghamshire Miner'. The image of a miner on the plate was based on Cloughie, who launched Mr Meale's election campaign in 1987 and supported the miners during the 1984 strike. The plate sold for £16.

The auction on ebay ended at 1630, Monday December 18th, 2006