Fund-raisers reach their target

Fund Target 

Middlesbrough has its own special statue of Cloughie, after the memorial fund reached its target of £65,000 in November, 2006. Volunteers raised £35,000 through donations and events after starting their campaign in October 2004. The Heritage Lottery Fund added £30,000. There is now a statue of the Great Man in the town where he was born, grew-up and went on to set a phenominal goal-scoring record.

The statue in Albert Park, near his childhood home, was unveiled by his wife Barbara on May 16th, 2007.

Cloughie used to walk through Albert Park to reach Middlesbrough's ground, Ayresome Park. Cloughie's sister, Doreen Elder, who lives in Middlesbrough, said: "I think it's wonderful that we've reached the amount. I'm grateful to all the people who have worked so hard and donated money."

Cloughie's brother and sister Joe and Doreen with model of statue

The chairman of the Brian Clough Memorial Committee, John McPartland, said he was delighted. "This is the culmination of two years of fundraising," he said. "It's important that we have the statue because Brian Clough was a Teesside man who became famous around the world."

The statue unveiling follows a slight delay in the sculpting process, which means the original date of March 21st (which would have been Cloughie's 72nd birthday) was put back.

Barbara Clough made a special journey to Teesside from Derbyshire to help sculptor Vivien Mallock perfect the facial likeness. His brother Joe and sister Doreen also helped advise on the bronze statue which will stand in Albert Park. Joe told the Evening Gazette: "The face had a sad look about it. I suggested it should have a bit of a smile."

The Heritage Lottery Fund has also given £20,000 to provide a related programme of education, community and heritage activities in Albert Park. The lottery bid was put together for the fund by Les Southerton, the chief executive of Middlesbrough Town Centre Company.

The lottery fund's regional manager Dr Keith Bartlett said: "Football is a real passion in the North-east, no matter which side you support, and is a part of our culture.

"This project means fans of football can not only remember the great man, Brian Clough, but also learn about and appreciate the places that were so important to him and still are to many others in Middlesbrough today."

O'Neill Attends Dinner

A special fund-raising dinner was held in Middlesbrough. Aston Villa boss and former Cloughie player Martin O'Neill was a star guest at the event which raised £1,600. He was accompanied by his Villa assistant and Reds legend John Robertson.

Cloughie's widow Barbara was the Guest of Honour at the dinner and was accompanied by other members of the family including sons Nigel and Simon, daughter Elizabeth and grandson Stephen; and Cloughie's sister Doreen. There's a full report HERE. 

A Giant Leap

Dozens of people made a giant leap to help Boro's memorial fund smash through the £30,000 mark. Sixty-five people took part in a sponsored bungee jump. They plunged 180-feet from the town's Transporter Bridge (August 20th, 2006).

The event attracted jumpers from Nottingham, Glasgow and Birmingham. The jump was co-ordinated by the UK Bungee Club and was the first of its kind over a British river. Boro barber Chris Simpson dressed as Elvis Presley and raised nearly £2,000.

Statue Design

The winning design has been chosen for Middlesbrough's statue. The memorial fund committee chose the work of sculptor Vivien Mallock from Hampshire. Her winning entry shows a young Cloughie striding through Albert Park in a 1950's Boro strip.

Cloughie's brother Joe and sister Doreen helped to choose the winner. Other voters included former Boro players Alan Peacock and Gordon Jones and Middlesbrough councillor John McPartland. Vivien Mallock has created works of General Bernard Montgomery and a Royal Tank Regiment memorial which stands in Whitehall Court in London.

Vivien said the chance to make a statue of someone so well known was marvellous. "I wanted it to show the passion and bloody-mindedness of this young man," she said. She added the design was still a work in progress and she wanted to achieve a greater likeness of Cloughie in the statue's face.

Joe Clough said: "The thighs could do with being a bit thicker and as he developed at 22 and 23, he had a big backside!"

The committee, chaired by Cllr McPartland, also includes Sue Gardner of Middlesbrough Official Supporters Club and the editor of the Fly Me To The Moon fanzine, Rob Nichols.

Music Fund-Raiser

Around £2,000 was raised from a gig by the band British Sea Power, who are big Cloughie fans. The event at Boro's Empire was attended by about 300 people.

Family Back Fund

Members of Brian Clough's family in Middlesbrough made the opening contribution to the fund. His brother Joe and sister Doreen gave their backing at the second gathering of the Brian Clough Memorial Fund Committee.

Said Doreen: "The thing I will always remember most about Brian is what he would say every time he rang on the phone. He would ask 'Is there anything I can get you, because there are only two things I can give. All my love, which you've got, and all my money, which is yours.' That was Brian. He was a wonderful brother."

A local councillor is the treasurer of the committee and took the first donation from Doreen and Joe. Cloughie fans can send cheques payable to the Brian Clough Memorial Fund, PO Box 99, Civic Centre, Middlesbrough, TS1 2QQ.

Hundreds Walk For Fund

Around eight-hundred people took part in a special fund raising event. They streamed across the Transporter Bridge, each paying five pounds (Nov 7th, 2004). A total of £3,000 was raised.

Brian's sister-in-law, June, and her grandson Joseph Long (13) were among the walkers. She told the Evening Gazette: "It is so wonderful to see so many people here today. As a family we have been completely overwhelmed by the public's reaction to Brian's death."

Middlesbrough councillor John McPartland, a leading memorial campaigner, added: "Brian Clough was both a majestic player and manager. You can see the effect he has had. What else would bring so many people up out of bed on a cold Sunday morning?"

Boro Signed Souvenir

A special piece of memorabilia signed by Middlesbrough's UEFA Cup heroes has been auctioned off to raise money for statues of the Master Manager. The winning bidder, from Hertfordshire, decided to increase his intial offer to £500 - split between the statue funds in Nottingham and Middlesbrough. He will also have the opportunity of being presented with the signed pennant by Brian Clough's sister, Doreen, in Middlesbrough.

The red and white pennant, featuring Middlesbrough's club emblem, has been signed by stars such as Mark Schwarzer, Yakubu, Franck Queudrue, Gareth Southgate, George Boateng, Ugo Ehiogu and Fabio Rochemback. It was given by the club to fund-raisers in Nottingham, who decided to auction it on eBay, with the proceeds split equally between the two statue funds.

The auction began on Friday May 5th and ended five days later - just hours before Middlesbrough met Sevilla in the UEFA Cup Final in Eindhoven.