On-line auction for huge Cloughie banner

A giant banner in tribute to Cloughie -- which was one of only two hung on the front of Nottingham's Council House -- has been sold for £430, in an on-line auction to help volunteers close-in on their fund-raising target for a statue of the Master Manager in the city centre.

The auction started on eBay at 1630 on Wednesday November 8th 2016 and lasted for ten days. The banner (pictured above) measures approximately 24-feet by nine-feet and features a picture of Cloughie alongside the wording, 'Brian Clough 1935-2004'.

The banner was displayed as part of the Civic Tribute in Nottingham's Old Market Square in September 2004. It was donated to the fund, along with a number of smaller banners, by Nottingham City Council.

Rich Fisher from the statue fund said he hoped it would raise a significant amount. "This banner will be part of Cloughie history forever," said Rich. "It was seen by people around the world during all the media coverage of that special civic tribute in the Market Square."

There are photos of the statue fund's launch (including the handover of the banners) HERE.