Green sweaters helped to boost statue fund


Eye-catching green sweatshirts went on sale to give a boost to Nottingham's statue fund. More were produced following a huge demand, and helped to raise thousands of pounds.

They have now sold-out and no more are being made. The fund is closed after volunteers smashed through their target and raised £70,000 in just 18 months.

Costing just £20.00, most sizes sold out within just two hours when the sweaters were launched before Nottingham Forest's home match against Southend (November 19th, 2005). Many more were sold before Forest's match against Walsall on December 10th, taking the statue fund's total to over £20,000 at the time.

Among the customers determined to have one of the special sweatshirts was the lady who was Cloughie's secretary at Forest, Carole Washington. She is pictured, below, buying her sweater from the chairman of the statue fund, Paul Ellis.

Paul Ellis & Carole Washington

Speaking at the time, Paul Ellis hoped the sweaters would be at the top of every fan's Christmas present list. "We are absolutely delighted with the response from fans. The initial sales have exceeded all our expectations," he said.

"Of course, Cloughie loved wearing his green sweater and we hope fans will wear these with pride, knowing they are making a valuable contribution to the efforts for a lasting tribute to a remarkable man. We hope these sweatshirts will be as successful as the special badges we produced, which have sold tremendously well."

The sweatshirts came in a variety of sizes and have an embroidered badge on the left breast featuring the statue fund's logo and the words 'Old Big 'Ead' -- the nickname Cloughie gave himself.