Cloughie fan raises cash for statue fund


Brian Clough was famous for telling his players to "Get a haircut, young man" - and a lifelong Forest fan has heeded these words to raise money for a statue of the Master Manager.

Liam Smyth had long hair for over 15 years and had it all chopped off to raise cash for the Brian Clough Statue Fund.

The 35-year-old joiner from Ilkeston says: "Like all Forest fans, I have a huge amount of respect for Mr Clough, and I'd been thinking for a while about how I could raise some money towards the statue. And given how the great man used to insist on his players having a sensible short back-and-sides, getting sponsored to have all my hair chopped off seemed like a fitting way of doing my bit."

Liam Smyth

Liam had his locks chopped off at the Southbank Bar in Nottingham before Forest's match against Bournemouth on April 29th, 2006. Hairdresser Mark Lawrenson is pictured with the clippers.

Liam faces the chop

Liam has received more than £1,000 in sponsorship cash. Plus, over £300 was raised from a collection and raffle before the hair-raising event. "It was all a great success," said Rich Fisher of the statue fund. "Liam even had pledges from the management and players at Forest."

Explained Liam: "I just happened to be walking down the street near the City Ground when I saw Frank Barlow and the players returning from a training session. After being egged on by the friends I was with, I approached Frank and explained what I was doing. He thought it was a great idea, and took my details and a sponsorship form. He promised me that he'd pass it round the dressing room and get all of his players to donate some money."

Liam later visited the City Ground to collect the money donated by Barlow. Says Liam: "I hadn't seen Frank since before I had all my hair cut off - so when I arranged to go down and collect the money, he told me to bring my passport in case he didn't recognise me! He seemed very amused by the whole thing, and complemented me on my new look. He also made a joke about how I won't be taking quite so long now in the shower in the morning!"

Liam loses his locks

Frank Barlow congratulates Liam