Mrs Clough unveils bronze statue in Nottingham....

Statue Unveiled

Nottingham's Cloughie statue has been unveiled by his widow, Barbara, in front of more than five-thousand people. Fans chanted the Great Man's name after the green drape was removed. "It's an incredible statue," said Mrs Clough. "The people of Nottingham took him to their hearts. He had a real bond with them and it shows today." Former Cloughie players were also there for the unveiling. A big screen in the Old Market Square showed archive film and interviews. Cloughie's favourite Frank Sinatra music was also played, including 'You Make Me Feel So Young.'

Mrs Clough and her grand-daughter Natalie were welcomed on stage by TV presenter Gary Newbon who compered the event. The photo below shows Mrs Clough uncover the superb statue, which had been kept under-wraps beneath a green drape - the colour of Cloughie's famous jumper.

"Brian would have been absolutely amazed by a statue," said Mrs Clough, who is pictured below with her family as the media eagerly took their long-awaited footage of the statue, moments after the unveiling.

The new paving around the statue features three of Cloughie's famous quotes - voted as his all-time greats by visitors to this website. The statue follows a fund-raising campaign in which a small group of volunteers raised £70,000 in just 18 months. Among the guests at the unveiling were several generations of Nottingham Forest players, including many of those who won the European Cup. Watch a video of the unveiling HERE. There is a special report about the unveiling event HERE. There are exclusive photo's of the statue being put in place HERE. There is also praise for the fund-raisers from Cloughie's eldest son, Simon, and an interview with Mrs Clough HERE. 

Two of Cloughie's former players sent video tributes which were played on the big screen. Martin O'Neill said it was Brian's personality and character which motivated players. "You were drawn towards him and felt that playing in his team was the most important aspect of your life. He was simply sensational and the unveiling of this statue is so well merited. I hope you have a great day." John Robertson said Cloughie was the most charasmatic man he had ever met. "His mind was so sharp and he knew the game inside out. To do what he did at such clubs as Nottingham Forest and Derby County was phenomenal. With respect, I can never see it being done again."

Statue Permission

The money for the statue was raised by a small group of volunteers who remain the custodians of the statue and liaise with the Clough family to ensure any other use of the sculpture is entirely appropriate. If you are thinking of using the statue for any purpose, such as publicity events or advertisements, please seek permission via the email address on this website (visit the site's contact page HERE).

Statue Archive

The news items below document in detail the various stages of the fund-raising process. This page was regularly updated during the fund-raising campaign and the items, below, are the original entries as the campaign gained momentum - culminating in Mrs Clough and her daughter travelling to see the statue at the sculptor's studio, before it was unveiled in Nottingham city centre.

Replicas On Sale

Fans were able to buy a replica of the stunning sculpture. A limited edition of 1,000 miniatures went on sale. The replicas are produced from the final version of the statue, which is different to the original miniature submitted by Les Johnson. They are six inches tall and on a plinth. Each one costs £100 and comes with a numbered certificate. The sculptor is entitled to a 10 per cent royalty fee on all proceeds and all profits from sales are being donated to charity, to be chosen by the Clough family, after production costs are deducted.

The firm, The Media Group, is acting as agents to process and despatch all orders. No remuneration is being taken by Nottingham City Council, Nottingham Forest, The Media Group or the Clough family. The first ten have been reserved for Mrs Clough. Cloughie's captain John McGovern will also be presented with one. Anyone wishing to buy a replica should visit

Statue Is 'Perfect'

Nottingham's Cloughie statue, which will be unveiled on November 6th, 2008, has been given the full approval of his widow, Barbara. Mrs Clough and her daughter Elizabeth have visited the studio of world-renowned sculptor Les Johnson to see the nine-feet high clay figure in its final days of creation. Barbara had offered to help Les recreate the facial features for the statue. But both she and Elizabeth were so impressed with his sculpture that they agreed it needed no improvement.

Speaking exclusively to this website, Mrs Clough said: "Elizabeth and I were absolutely delighted to see the statue of Brian. Les has done a marvellous job and has captured Brian's personality so remarkably well. When I walked into Les' studio and saw the statue there, it took my breath away.

"I know the facial features of a statue can often be hard for a sculptor to recreate and I was ready to help Les if he needed any assistance in perfecting the details. But I can honestly say it is a fantastic sculpture which does not need any improvement. It is Brian exactly.

"The sculpture will be a fitting tribute and I look forward to unveiling the bronze statue in Nottingham. I am sure the many fans who supported the statue fund, and the small group of volunteers who worked hard to organise it, will be very pleased with the final result too."

Les Johnson says he is delighted that his sculpture won the immediate praise of Mrs Clough and her daughter. "To have their seal of approval for my work means everything to me," he said. "It's been a very exciting project for me."

The chairman of the fund, Paul Ellis, described Les's sculpture as superb. "I have been to see the clay version of the statue and I was extremely impressed," said Paul. "The likeness is perfect - it sent a tingle down my spine when I saw it - it's incredible. I'm delighted that Mrs Clough and Elizabeth thought it was perfect too. The approval of Brian Clough's family has been vital every step of the way and I am sure we will have a statue that everyone can be proud of."

The statue will stand where King Street meets Queen Street, near the Old Market Square in Nottingham. The city centre location was chosen in recognition of the unprecedented worldwide acclaim that Mr Clough brought to Nottingham. He was also made an Honorary Freeman of the city in 1993.

Nottingham City Council leader, Councillor Jon Collins said: "The statue fund and volunteers have done a tremendous job to get to this stage. I'm really looking forward to the unveiling and hope people will come along on the day to celebrate the enormous contribution Brian Clough has made to Nottingham."

There are more details about the statue and the unveiling day, below.

Statue To Be Unveiled

Cloughie's widow, Barbara, says she is looking forward to unveiling the bronze statue of Brian in Nottingham city centre. The ceremony will take place on Thursday, November 6th, 2008, at 1pm. Thousands of people are expected to attend the event, including former players.

Mrs Clough will perform the unveiling ceremony on behalf of her family and says she is delighted with the work carried out by world renowned sculptor Les Johnson, describing it as "fantastic" and requiring no improvements. The sculpture is now being completed at a foundry.

Mrs Clough said: "The sculpture will be a fitting tribute and I am really looking forward to unveiling the bronze statue in Nottingham. The small group of volunteers who raised the money and the many fans who supported the fund will be delighted that the unveiling of the statue is about to happen soon. I am sure that a lot of people are very much looking forward to the day.

"Everyone has been so kind and I would like to personally thank all those who have contributed to making this all possible."

The event is the culmination of an 18-month long fund-raising campaign by the volunteers, who smashed through their £60,000 target. The fund collected £69,000 - and interest on the amount took the total to £70,000.

The chairman of the statue fund, Paul Ellis, said he was very pleased that an unveiling date had been confirmed. He told this website: "It is great that we can now look forward to the day when the statue will be on show for everyone to see. The dedication that people have shown in raising the money clearly demonstrates the esteem and affection with which Brian was held by the Nottingham public.

"He will be forever in their thoughts and the statue is a fitting and lasting tribute to a man who did so much to put the city on the global sporting map. Throughout the world, Nottingham is now synonymous with Nottingham Forest Â… and Brian Clough.

"Mrs Clough has taken a keen interest in the fund-raising efforts of the statue fund and we are delighted she has given her total support to a project that has meant so much to so many people in the area."

The sculptor Les Johnson told this website he is delighted his sculpture won the immediate praise of Mrs Clough and her daughter. "To have their seal of approval for my work means everything to me," he said. "ItÂ’s a very exciting project and there are still various steps to the process before the bronze figure is ready."

The statue fund has been administered by Nottingham City Council. The authority's leader, Jon Collins, said: "This is lasting recognition for a remarkable man who did so much for Nottingham and Nottingham Forest. It's been a fantastic effort by the statue fund volunteers and the council has been pleased to support them. I'm sure there will be lots of people turning out for what should be a very special day."

The statue will stand near the Old Market Square, where King Street meets Queen Street. The city centre location was chosen in recognition of the unprecedented worldwide acclaim that Mr Clough brought to the city. He was also made a Freeman of Nottingham.

In addition to Barbara Clough, her daughter Elizabeth and sons Simon and Nigel, there will be a huge gathering of players, colleagues and friends of the Master Manager to see the unveiling.

Picture Perfect

Sculptor Les Johnson made a special visit to a newspaper's picture library to help him in the task of creating the bronze figure. Les was given exclusive access to the photo archives of the Nottingham Evening Post (Feb, 2008). He is also slightly altering his original proposal, following a suggestion by Mrs Clough that the statue could have Brian walking towards the fans. The pose will still see Cloughie with his hands clasped above his head, in a victorious gesture. There is a report and picture HERE. 

Sculptor Announced

Nottingham's bronze statue of Brian Clough will see the Master Manager saluting the fans - with his hands clasped above his head. International sculptor Les Johnson is to make the tribute following a unanimous decision by a selection panel. Cloughie's wife Barbara was on the panel and says she's delighted with the decision. Mrs Clough is pictured with a miniature statue made by Mr Johnson as part of his submission.

Mrs Clough told this website: "There is something very instinctive about Les Johnson's work and I feel confident he can produce a first class statue. I really liked the pose with Brian's hands clasped above his head. It conveys a sense of sharing a celebration with the fans."

Les was one of three artists who each made a presentation to the selection panel. They were each asked to make a miniature, called a maquette, and a portrait bust to show how they would detail the facial features.

Mrs Clough thanked all three sculptors for taking part in the process and said it had been a very difficult decision. She said she was very pleased with the location of the statue, at the junction of King Street and Queen Street. "I think the location of the statue is very fitting, being close to the market square and the Council House, the scene of those trophy celebrations."

Les said he was extremely pleased to be awarded the commission. He explained his inspiration for the pose of the statue. "It is one of celebration. He is acknowledging the crowd - saying we have done it together. It symbolises his links with the city."

The statue fund chairman, Paul Ellis, also chaired the selection panel. He said: "The decision was not easy, but we all felt that Les Johnson is the artist who will produce an excellent statue in tribute to Brian Clough."

The statue has been made possible after a small group of volunteers raised £70,000, which has now been handed to the city council to commission the tribute. There are more details and pictures about this latest news, including a link to a BBC television report, HERE. 

Sculptures Unveiled

The plans for a Cloughie statue in Nottingham are taking a big leap forward. The work of three short-listed sculptors has gone under the spotlight. Miniature versions and busts of Old Big 'Ead have been unveiled for fans to see and give their views.

A selection panel will meet later in January to make the final decision on which artist will make the full bronze statue and what pose it will have. The short-listed sculptors are Les Johnson, who is based in Hampshire; Keith Maddison from Northumberland and John McKenna from Ayrshire in Scotland.

The three artists have each been asked to make a miniature statue, called a maquette, as well as a bust to show how they would detail Cloughie's distinctive facial features. These special pieces of work went on display at Nottingham Council House foyer from midday on Monday 7th January to midday on Saturday 12th January.

Members of the public were able to write down their views and leave them in a box in the Council House foyer. These will then be considered by the selection panel, which will include representatives of the Clough family, the city council, the statue's fund-raising committee and an independent arts expert.

Fans could also view the proposed designs and e-mail their comments via this website, until midday on Saturday January 12th, 2008. View the designs HERE. 

There was huge media interest when the statue designs were unveiled at the Council House on Monday January 7th, 2008. Television crews, radio reporters and photographers lined-up to see the proposals. Cloughie's former secretary Carole Washington viewed the designs on this website. "He would have been proud whichever one was chosen," she said. Read more about the media coverage HERE. 

The leader of the city council, Jon Collins, said it was an exciting time for the statue plans. "The tremendous success of the fund-raisers has shown it is vital that we now have a fitting tribute to Brian Clough. This is a crucial stage of the selection process and we hope many fans will come to the Council House to see the work of the short-listed artists for themselves."

The chairman of the statue fund, Paul Ellis, said he was looking forward to seeing the submissions close-up. "At a time when the English national team has hit rock bottom, we should restore some pride by saluting the best manager England never had.

"We are looking for a statue which shows Cloughie as everyone remembers him, as the triumphant manager of Nottingham Forest - complete with his famous sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms. It will be a statue at which people can pay tribute and remember the man who helped to put Nottingham and Nottinghamshire on the map."

Cheque Presented

Statue fund volunteers have handed-over a cheque for more than £70,000 to Nottingham City Council, which will commission the statue. The cheque represents the money raised by the fund in just 18 months, plus interest. The presentation took place on the steps of Nottingham Council House (December, 2007). View the cheque presentation HERE. 

Shortlist Agreed

The plans for a Cloughie statue in Nottingham city centre have taken a significant step forward. Three sculptors have been shortlisted to compete for the prestigious task of making the statue of the Master Manager (August, 2006).

The eighteen submissions from artists were considered by the city council, Brian CloughÂ’'s family and members of the statue fund, who raised £69,000 for the sculpture. The shortlisted sculptors are Les Johnson, who is based in Hampshire; Keith Maddison from Northumberland and John McKenna from Ayrshire in Scotland. They will each be asked to make a miniature version of a statue of Brian Clough, called a maquette.

Officials have also revealed there is now a preferred location for the statue in the city centre - itÂ’ is hoped it will be where King Street meets Queen Street, close to the Old Market Square. There are more details about this latest stage of the project, including comments from the shortlisted sculptors and an exclusive photo HERE. 

The statue fund chairman, Paul Ellis, said the project had taken a big step forward.

"We have been consulting closely with Mr CloughÂ’'s family and their views have been crucial in this selection process and of course will continue to be so," said Paul. "We have discussed with them possible poses for the statue. But obviously the artists will need to come-up with their own interpretations of the poses too."

Target Reached

Nottingham's statue fund for Cloughie smashed its £60,000 target. The fund was set-up in June 2005 for a statue of the Master Manager in a prominent location in Nottingham city centre. In total, £69,000 was raised.

The process of selecting a sculptor is underway, with eighteen submissions having been received from interested artists. The closing date for proposals has now passed. The selection process is now in the hands of the city council who will commission the statue. The aim is to have a shortlist of three finalists.

After reaching £59,000 following eighteen months of fund raising, volunteers welcomed major donations from Nottingham City Council and Nottingham Forest.

The council and Forest each contributed £5,000, taking the total raised to £69,000. A joint cheque presentation was held at half-time during the Reds' Boxing Day match against Port Vale at the City Ground (December 2006). All fund-raising for the statue has now been completed.

Barbara Clough has praised the efforts of the fund-raisers and the fans who backed the fund. Mrs Clough said Brian would have been "absolutely amazed" at the idea of a statue. Read more about Mrs Clough's special message HERE. 

The chairman of the statue fund, Paul Ellis, said it was a tremendous achievement to have exceeded the target in such a short period of time. "It's absolutely fantastic and a testament to the hard work of everyone involved in the fund-raising campaign," he said. "To receive such a major contribution from Nottingham City Council and Nottingham Forest is the icing on the cake.

"The money completes the fund in style and ensures we will have the best possible statue. The additional cash will be used to meet any further costs such as installing the sculpture, lighting and a top quality plinth.

"We must remember that all this would not have been possible without the hundreds of people in Nottinghamshire and around the world who put their hands in their pockets and supported the fund from the very beginning.

"I would like to thank everyone who has supported us along the way. People have taken the fund to their hearts, just as they did the Great Man himself."

City Council leader Jon Collins said: "The fund-raisers have done a tremendous job in raising so much money in just eighteen months. The success of the fund has underlined just how loved and admired Brian Clough was, and what a huge impact he had on Nottingham and Nottinghamshire."

"It is only right the city council makes a contribution to a fund which has had overwhelming support from local people. The statue will be a lasting tribute to the achievements of a remarkable man who put the city on the worldwide map."

Forest's Chief Executive Mark Arthur said: "Nottingham Forest has supported the fund-raisers throughout the campaign and we are delighted to join the city council in making a significant donation to the fund, which has been a huge success.

"All around the country there are statues of other footballing greats and it is very fitting that we should have one of Brian Clough in Nottingham, in recognition of his outstanding achievements and in response to the feeling of fans worldwide."

Fund committee member Sarah Clarke from this website said she looked forward to the day when fans would see a lasting tribute to their hero. "To exceed our target in eighteen months is a dream come true. The success of this fund, and the support of fans around the world, has shown what Brian Clough meant to so many people."

"Along with Robin Hood, he is undoubtedly one of the most famous people associated with Nottingham. He touched thousands of lives and it's important that fans and visitors to Nottingham have a focal point at which they can pay homage in years to come." There's a full report and photo HERE.

For Sale: Cloughie's Desk

A desk once used by Brian Clough has been sold in an on-line auction for more than £500. The proceeds are going to the Brian Clough Statue Fund. The special item, donated by Nottingham Forest, was from the coach's room at the City Ground.

Carole Washington, who was the manager's secretary at Forest, told the Nottingham Evening Post: "Brian would have used it to sit round before and after matches. The coaches and managers used to go to that office and sit at the desk and have cups of tea."

Third Auction Success

The statue fund's third Grand Internet Auction has been another success, with memorabilia selling for more than £900. Among the items was the final banner displayed at the memorial service in Nottingham, which sold for more than £500. The ten-day auction ended on Monday December 18th.

The banner, which was one of several hung outside the Council House, has a picture of Cloughie alongside his famous words: "I wouldn't say I was the best manager in the business, but I was in the top one." The quote was voted his best of all-time in an on-line poll on this website.

Another rare item was a video of Cloughie's 1980's adverts for East Midlands Electricity, complete with out-takes and an uncompromising message to staff. It was donated by a former employee and sold for £67.

Other items included a designer football signed by the Nottingham Forest squad and fashion guru Sir Paul Smith; a painting of Cloughie donated by a local artist; a section of the original carpet laid inside Nottingham Forest's City Ground to mark the double European Cup triumphs under Brian Clough, and a green tribute sweatshirt signed by Nigel Clough and European Cup legends Martin O'Neill and John Robertson. There are more details about the auction HERE. 

Clough Aid

Cloughie's European Cup winning captain John McGovern compered a special music event which raised more than £2,000 for Nottingham's Statue Fund. Over 300 people attended 'Clough Aid' to see a line-up of locals bands in the city's Rescue Rooms.

Barbara Clough sent a message of thanks which was read-out during the evening by McGovern. There was also a cheque presentation of £1,447 from the Forest fans website Lost That Loving Feeling, for the sales of key-rings and badges, plus donations. The idea for the event came from singer Dave Marmion of the band The Fakers. There's a full report, with pictures, HERE. 

Second Big Auction

Bidders from Australia and the United States were among the buyers in the second Grand Internet Auction for the statue fund. The ten-day auction on ebay raised more than £1,400 (November, 2006).

The highest bid was £510, for a banner which was displayed at the civic tribute in Nottingham and featured one of Cloughie's most famous quotes. A framed green 'Old Big 'Ead' sweater signed by Cloughie's son Nigel, and two European Cup heroes, Martin O'Neill and John Robertson, sold for £210. A football signed by Brazilian legend Pele went for £62. There's a full report on the auction HERE. 

Massive Banner Auction

A giant banner in tribute to Brian Clough -- which was one of only two hung on the front of Nottingham's Council House -- has been sold for £430 to help fund-raisers in the city.

The banner was displayed for the Civic Tribute in September 2004. It measures approximately 24-feet by nine-feet and features a picture of Cloughie alongside the wording, 'Brian Clough 1935-2004'. The auction started on eBay at 1630 on Wednesday November 8th and lasted for ten days. More details, including a picture, HERE. 

Boost From Cloughie Fan

A businessman from Cloughie's home town has given the fund a £2,000 boost by buying a huge banner which was displayed on the front of Nottingham Council House. Simon Clifford, who was born in Middlesbrough, is the owner of non-league Garforth Town AFC. He plans to display the massive banner outside the club's ground.

Simon Clifford has also provided additional help to the fund by donating various items of football memorabilia, which will be auctioned. "Brian Clough has been my hero and inspiration for as long as I can remember," said Clifford. "I grew up with his exploits in our household, through having been a Middlesbrough supporter, and through my grandfather having been a friend of Brian's brother Des.

"Today, I use Brian as an example to the young people I work with. Through sheer self-belief and talent, he took on the world. I am delighted to help the marvellous work of the statue fund in Nottingham - it is an absolute privilege to be able to help the fund raising efforts. Brian was the greatest football manager that the game has ever known, and no-one will ever come close to matching his unique achievements."

The giant banner which Clifford has bought was displayed as part of the civic tribute in Nottingham in September 2004. The other remaining huge banner is being auctioned.

Search for a Sculptor

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS AN ARCHIVE ARTICLE: The search has begun for a sculptor to make the statue of Cloughie which will stand in Nottingham city centre. The process of selecting a sculptor is being launched (Nov 1st, 2006), as fund-raisers close-in on their £60,000 target.

The committee of the Brian Clough Statue Fund is now keen to receive ideas from sculptors of what type of statue they would make if they were commissioned. During this initial stage, they will be asked to provide various information, including the style and pose of the statue and costings.

The fund's chairman Paul Ellis said the committee would be looking for designs which reflected a life-like image of Cloughie during his inspirational reign at Nottingham Forest. "This will be a very exciting project and a high-profile commission, so it's vital we have the right sculptor," he said.

The city council is administering the fund and the authority's leader, Councillor Jon Collins, said he was delighted with the progress made by the fund-raisers. "To raise over £50,000 in less than 18 months shows what a tremendous effort the volunteers have made and just how well supported their fund-raising work has been," said Councillor Collins. Sculptors will have until December 1st, 2006, to submit their initial ideas. There are more details about the search for a sculptor HERE. 

Cloughie Key-Rings

Collectable Cloughie key-rings, in the shape of his green sweater, went on sale to help fund-raisers in Nottingham get closer to their target. The limited edition items were available to buy on-line and were officially launched at Nottingham Forest's home game against Bristol City on Saturday October 21st. Four-hundred were sold on the first day, making £1,200 and taking the fund's total to £50,000.

Please note: the fund is no longer selling the key-rings, as the fund-raising target has now been smashed.

The metal key-rings show the back of the green sweater, with the words 'Old Big 'Ead' and a big number one. The chairman of the Brian Clough Statue Fund, Paul Ellis, said the key-rings complemented the green pin-badges, of which thousands have been sold.

"Like the badges, these key-rings are certain to become collectors' items," said Paul at the launch. "They will also be ideal stocking fillers for Christmas. So it's important people get their hands on them before they all sell-out. We're hoping they'll become another key to success for the fund and help us to get that bit closer to the target."

Costing just £3.00 each, the key-rings were previously on sale before kick-off at the City Ground on most matchday Saturdays. They were available from 12.45 at the Study Centre in the Main Stand Car Park on Saturday, November 4th. The key-rings were also available to buy at Central News and Cards in West Bridgford and at Cloughie's Carvery in Ilkeston. They could also be purchased on-line at the Forest fans website That facility is now closed.

Huge Internet Auction

A Grand Internet Auction was launched to raise more money for the statue fund in Nottingham. It raised more than £2,800, taking the fund to over £48,000. The star item was a bust of Cloughie donated by his family. It was one of the first to be made and came with 'Number 5' stamped on the bottom. It was sold for £770.

There were twelve items including a signed football donated by Forest legend Stuart Pearce, a framed tribute to European champions Barcelona, signed by manager Frank Rijkaard; a signed football designed by Nottingham fashion king Sir Paul Smith, a rare banner from the memorial service in Nottingham and a framed Old Big 'Ead green sweatshirt signed by Forest legends and Brian Clough's widow Barbara.

There was also an original silver-plated tankard from the 1980 League Cup Final, donated by former Reds secretary Ken Smales, an Old Big 'Ead sweater signed by the Forest squad and a signed Bolton shirt donated by manager Sam Allardyce. There's more information about the auction, including how much each item was sold for, HERE. 

Open Day Boost

More than £660 was raised for the statue fund at the Nottingham Forest Open Day (July 30th, 2006). Volunteers were selling badges and sweatshirts as well as tickets for a £1 raffle and a £5 Super Draw.

Young Forest fan Myles Smith was one of many who took part in the Super Draw. He won a banner which had been displayed at the Memorial Service in the Old Market Square and is worth around £1,000. It features a picture of Cloughie alongside a classic quote. The comment was in response to a reporter's question about how he handled players who disagreed with him. He replied: "We talk about it for twenty minutes and then we decide I was right."

Another prize was a framed green Old Big 'Ead sweatshirt signed by Forest legends John McGovern, John Robertson and John O'Hare, and Mr Clough's widow Barbara. They signed the shirt at a Gala Dinner organised by the statue fund in Nottingham last month. Prizes in the raffle included a Forest shirt signed by James Perch and a European Cup pennant signed by John McGovern, John Robertson and John O'Hare.

The chairman of the statue fund, Paul Ellis, said he was delighted with the amount raised. "The day was another big success for the statue fund and gets us closer to the target," he said. There are photo's HERE. 

England Banner Auction

A giant banner featuring Cloughie's comments about being overlooked for the England job has been auctioned for £770. The proceeds will go to Nottingham's statue fund. The double-sided banner was specially made for the city council and was hung outside the Council House for the Memorial Service in 2004. It features a picture of the Great Man, alongside his quote.

The quote reads: "I'm sure the England selectors thought if they took me on and gave me the job, I'd want to run the show. They were shrewd because that's exactly what I would have done."

This special piece of Clough memorabilia is one of the larger banners which were displayed and measures nearly six-feet high. It is the only banner of this size with this quote.

The auction on ebay lasted ten days. There's more detail HERE. 

Bungee for Boro Fund

Cloughie fans are being offered the chance to make a huge leap in aid of Middlesbrough's statue fund. Volunteers are being sponsored to bungee jump off the town's Transporter Bridge, which is 180 feet high. The once-in-a-lifetime event will be held on August 13th.

The chairman of the memorial fund in Middlesbrough, John McPartland, said it was first time a bungee jump had been held from a bridge over a British river. "I am sure this will be one of the greatest spectacles ever seen in the town," he said. A test jump has already been held by the UK Bungee Club.

Gala Dinner

Volunteers behind Nottingham's statue fund have been praised by Barbara Clough, after a gala dinner raised around nine thousand pounds. The star-studded event was attended by members of the Clough family and several of Nottingham Forest's European Cup legends. There was also a special appearance by members of the cast of the tribute play at Nottingham Playhouse.

Mrs Clough was presented with a framed tribute from Sir Terry Wogan, who was one of her husband's favourite radio presenters. Sir Terry described Cloughie as "a remarkable man" in a signed written tribute. Good luck messages for the evening were also received from Forest hero Stuart Pearce, Bolton boss Sam Allardyce and Match of the Day's Gary Lineker.

Mrs Clough told guests at the dinner: "It has been a wonderful evening. You have worked so hard and I'd like to thank everyone who has been involved in helping to raise money. I'm sure we'll get there. Thank you all so much."

There's a full report on the dinner, including exclusive photo's HERE. 

Signed Photo

A huge photo of Brian Clough signed by his widow Barbara and many of his European Cup legends has been auctioned for £450 to raise money for Nottingham's statue fund.

The unique piece of memorabilia, which is Mrs Clough's favourite public photo of Brian, was part of the Gala Performance of the tribute play 'Old Big 'Ead in the Spirit of the Man' at the Nottingham Playhouse. It was signed on stage by former Forest stars including John McGovern, John Robertson, Garry Birtles, Larry Lloyd, John O'Hare, Paul Hart and Gary Mills.

Actor Colin Tarrant, who takes the role of Cloughie in the play, added his signature, as did Ronnie Fenton, who worked closely with Old Big 'Ead at the City Ground. More detailsHERE. 

Banner Auction

It was voted Brian Clough's most popular quote -- and fans were given the chance to own a rare banner declaring: "I wouldn't say I was the best manager in the business, but I was in the top one." This special piece of memorabilia fetched over £800 when auctioned on-line to raise money for the Brian Clough Statue Fund in Nottingham.

The double-sided banner was hung outside the cityÂ’s Council House after Cloughie died in September 2004. It features a picture of the Great Man alongside the famous quote.

The auction on eBay started at 0600 Friday, May 26th, and continued for ten days. The chairman of the committee, Paul Ellis, said he expected the banner to become a collector's item. "Brian Clough gave us many great quotes to savour over the years, but this one is a real gem." The quote was voted Cloughie's best ever in an on-line poll on this website in 2002. Read more and see a photo of the banner HERE. 

Legends Back Fund

Nottingham's statue fund reached the half-way mark back in March 2006, when more donations were received at a 'Forest Legends' event at the Cabaret nightspot in the city. Among those backing the fund on the night were three special names - former Reds stars John Robertson, John McGovern and Neil Webb. More details HERE. 

Signed Shirt

Cloughie's stay at Leeds United may have been brief, but the club has donated a signed shirt in support of the Brian Clough Statue Fund in Nottingham. The shirt, signed by 18 players, was auctioned on eBay for three days in the run-up to United's Championship play-off final against Watford (May 2006). It fetched £107.

Leeds, where Cloughie spent just 44 days as manager, donated the shirt after volunteers behind the statue fund wrote to the former Nottingham Forest star Steve Stone, who now plays at Elland Road. Players who have signed the shirt include Neil Sullivan, Garry Kelly, Richard Cresswell, Matthew Kilgallon and Danny Pugh.

The chairman of the statue fund, Paul Ellis, said: "We are very grateful that Leeds have given this shirt to be auctioned. It is likely to be a prized possession for any Leeds fan."

Playhouse Gala Night

Former Nottingham Forest stars attended a gala performance of the Cloughie tribute play. The event was held with the aim of raising cash for the statue fund. There's a full reportHERE. 

Boro Signed Souvenir

A special piece of memorabilia signed by Middlesbrough's UEFA Cup heroes has been auctioned off to raise money for statues of the Master Manager. The winning bidder, from Hertfordshire, decided to increase his intial offer to £500 - split between the statue funds in Nottingham and Middlesbrough. He will also have the opportunity of being presented with the signed pennant by Brian Clough's sister, Doreen, in Middlesbrough.

The red and white pennant, featuring Middlesbrough's club emblem, has been signed by stars such as Mark Schwarzer, Yakubu, Franck Queudrue, Gareth Southgate, George Boateng, Ugo Ehiogu and Fabio Rochemback. It was given by the club to fund-raisers in Nottingham, who have decided to auction it on eBay, with the proceeds split equally between the two statue funds.

The auction began on Friday May 5th and ended five days later - just hours before Middlesbrough met Sevilla in the UEFA Cup Final in Eindhoven.

The chairman of the Brian Clough Statue Fund in Nottingham, Paul Ellis, said: "It's a tremendous gesture for Middlesbrough to donate this specially signed souvenir and I am sure it will become a collectors' item - especially when Boro lift the UEFA Cup! We thought it was only fitting that the proceeds should be split between the two funds to help ensure there are lasting memorials to the Great Man in the two places where he started and ended his outstanding career in football."

Arsenal Signed Shirt

A special edition football shirt signed by Arsenal's first team squad has been auctioned off for more than £400. The Gunners are the only British team left in this season's European Champions League and have donated the shirt after being approached to help the bid to have a statue of Cloughie in Nottingham.

The framed shirt, which commemorates Arsenal's last season playing at Highbury, comes with a certificate of authenticity from the club. It was auctioned on ebay.

The red-currant shirt has 17 signatures, including those of Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Jose Antonio Reyes, Gilberto and Dennis Berkamp. Many of the players have added their squad numbers next to their names. The chairman of the statue fund, Paul Ellis, said: "It's a superb gesture by Arsenal. In one of Brian Clough's last interviews he was full of praise for Arsene Wenger's team and the way they played football. So it's tremendous that a special shirt signed by their players will help to raise money for a lasting tribute to the greatest manager the game has seen.

"It's also fitting because Arsenal's original red shirts came from Nottingham Forest nearly 130 years ago. Forest gave a set of shirts to the then 'Woolwich Arsenal' team because they were struggling to find a kit. It's apt that Arsenal are now giving one of theirs, a collector's item, to such a good cause."

Gala Dinner

A star-studded event is to be held to raise more money for a statue of the Master Manager. Final preparations are being made for a Gala Dinner which will take place in the Ballroom of Nottingham's Council House on Wednesday June 7th, 2006.

Invited guests include members of the Clough family and former Nottingham Forest stars. Topping the list of guest speakers will be the former Clough player and Reds legend Duncan McKenzie - now a highly-respected after dinner entertainer. The evening will be hosted by the former TV sports presenter Dennis Coath of the Media Group.

It's hoped there will be an appearance by members of the cast of the Cloughie tribute play at the Nottingham Playhouse, 'Old Big 'Ead in the Spirit of the Man', including the star Colin Tarrant. The dinner will also have an auction of special football memorabilia, including a book signed by Brian Clough.

Tickets for the event on the evening of Wednesday, June 7th, 2006,cost £40 each. It includes a canape reception and four-course dinner. The evening is being sponsored personally by the Nottingham Forest chairman Nigel Doughty.

The chairman of the Brian Clough Statue Committee, Paul Ellis, said he hoped the dinner would help to give the fund a big boost. "It promises to be a fantastic and memorable evening. Some of the players who worked closely with Brian Clough will be there and I am sure it will be a fitting tribute to a remarkable man. We're grateful to local businesses and fans who're supporting the event to help us raise money towards having an ever-lasting memorial.

"We're also very grateful that the city council have offered the use of the Council House to hold the event. It's a fitting venue because it was the scene of many triumphant home-comings for Forest under the guidance of Brian Clough."

On-line Auctions

A special piece of Cloughie memorabilia has been sold for £870 in an on-line auction to raise money for the fund. The double sided banner was displayed outside Nottingham's Council House after he died. It features a picture of the Great Man and one of his famous quotes.

It's bound to become a collector's item. The auction on eBay started at 0600 on Friday, 24th February, 2006. The banner has been kindly donated to the committee by the city council, which supports and administers the fund.

The quote on the banner was in response to a reporter's question about how the Master Manager handled players who disagreed with him. In typical Clough style he replied: "We talk about it for 20 minutes and then we decide I was right."

The successful bidder will also be offered the opportunity of having the banner presented to them pitch-side at Nottingham ForestÂ’s City Ground before a home match (on a mutually convenient date). They will also be offered two match tickets for the game, courtesy of Nottingham Forest. See a photo of the banner, along with more details HERE. 

Also on eBay was a football signed by the Leicester City squad. It has been donated to the statue fund by the Toyota dealership Farmer and Carlisle of Leicester and Loughborough who were match ball sponsors at the Walkers Stadium in December 2005. The ball fetched £112. More details HERE. 

New-Style Badges

Cloughie fans were urged to buy newly designed green sweatshirt badges to raise more money for a statue of their hero. The limited edition pin badges were specially designed to complement the original 'Old Big 'Ead' badges which were launched last year. Just 5,000 have been made and already only a few hundred remain. Please note: they are no longer on sale for the statue fund, as the fund-raising target has been met.

They're still in the shape of Cloughie's famous green sweatshirt, but instead of featuring the front of the green jersey, they show the back -- with 'Cloughie' written in gold across the top, along with the figure of a big number one below.

The fund's chairman Paul Ellis said he hoped the new badges would be as popular as the first design, of which 6,000 were sold. "The new style badges are a perfect match for the original pin badges which featured 'Old Big 'Ead across the chest," said Paul.

"I'm sure they'll again become quite a collectors item, especially for those fans who bought the original."

"I think the simple design says it all," added Paul. "In his famous quote, Cloughie himself said he wasn't the best manager in the business but he was in the top one. For many fans he will always be the number one and this new badge is a fitting reminder of what an outstanding man and manager he was. It will always remind us of the Great Man wearing his famous green jumper. This is a chance for all football fans to be a part of the statue campaign and I hope they’ll wear the badge with pride.”

On-line orders have been received from around the world. Fans in the United States, Australia and Spain are among those eager not to miss out. They were available on line through the Forest fanzine website but this facility is now closed.

The badges, costing £2.00 each, were launched at Forest's home match against Oldham on Saturday, January 14th, 2006. Hundreds were sold in just two hours. Fans bought hundreds more before the game against Swansea on February 11th. There's more about the badge launch HERE. 

Fan's Hair Cut

Cloughie fan Liam Smyth has helped the statue fund by heeding the Great Man's famous advice - 'Get your haircut, young man'. Liam, who's had long hair for over 15 years, was sponsored to have his locks chopped. Read more about it, HERE. 

Sweatshirts Boost Fund

Sales of the Cloughie-style green jumpers have helped the fund's total reach more than twenty thousand pounds. The sweaters have been specially made for Nottingham's statue fund and feature the words 'Old Big 'Ead' as part of an embroidered badge.

Costing just £20.00, the sweatshirts were on sale at the City Information Centre on Smithy Row in Nottingham, but have now sold out. They originally went on sale at the City Ground before Forest's match on November 19th. Fans were queuing to buy them and most sizes sold out within two hours. More jumpers were then made and fans bought them before the Red's game against Walsall on December 10th.

Among those determined to buy one of the green sweatshirts and support the fund is the lady who was Cloughie's secretary at Forest, Carole Washington. Carole bought hers at the supporters club office before the Walsall match. You can take a look at a sweatshirt and read more about them HERE. 

Legends Night

Big names are backing the fund. Three Cloughie legends were reunited for a special event to raise money. The night also featured an auction and raffle of memorablia.

The event was held at Nottingham Forest's City Ground. Special guests included Cloughie's European Cup winning captain John McGovern, along side Kenny Burns and Nigel Jemson. Also on the panel was the former newspaper journalist John Lawson who worked closely with Cloughie and interviewed him many times. The night was hosted by Trent FM presenter Mark Dennison.

The forum was organised by the Brian Clough Statue Committee. Proceeds will go to the statue fund, which aims to raise around £60,000 for a statue of Cloughie in a prominent location in Nottingham city centre.

Paul Ellis said he hoped fans enjoyed a memorable night. "It was a special event in celebration of all that Brian Clough achieved and the glory he brought to Nottingham and Nottinghamshire."

There are photo's and quotes from the event HERE. 

Banner Sold

A rare banner celebrating the life of Brian Clough has been sold for nearly £800 following an on-line auction. Proceeds will go to Nottingham's statue fund. More details HERE. 

Matchday Collection

A big matchday collection for the statue fund in Nottingham has raised more than four-thousand pounds. A team of volunteers with collecting tins and buckets received donations from fans around the City Ground before the match between Nottingham Forest and Hartlepool - the club where Cloughie began his managerial career in 1965.

The chairman of the Brian Clough Statue Committee, Paul Ellis, said: "We're absolutely delighted with the response from supporters. We'd like to thank Nottingham Forest and Hartlepool fans for being so generous. This has given the fund a big boost. The fine weather helped the collection and I'd like to think that Cloughie himself was looking down on us and giving us his famous thumbs-up."

The specially chosen green collecting tins were marked 'Collecting for Cloughie'. In his book, 'Young Man, You've Made My Day,' website editor Marcus Alton (who put the fund-raising committee together) remembers: "The volunteers stood at various points around the City Ground in the hope that fans would donate a pound or two. The response was overwhelming. Some supporters, including Hartlepool fans, were seen dropping fivers in the buckets."

Donate On-line

Fans could previously donate to the statue fund on-line, using a credit card. This facility, offered by the website 'Lost That Loving Feeling', is now closed.

Badge Sales

The fund's limited edition badges have now sold out. The first batch of pin badges, in the shape of Cloughie's famous green sweatshirt, originally sold out within days of going on sale. A further limited number sold quickly. The badges feature the words 'Old Big Ead' - the nickname he gave himself, written in gold lettering across the chest.

Paul Ellis said at the time: "The response from fans has been tremendous and we were overwhelmed by the demand. The initial batch of 3,000 badges sold out fast. A final batch of 3,000 was made and they've sold very quickly. The badges will remain limited edition.

"The design will always remind us of the Great Man wearing his famous green jumper," said Paul. "This is another chance for all football fans to be a part of the statue campaign and I hope they'll wear the badge with pride."

The badges, costing £2 each, were officially launched at the Nottingham Forest Open Day at the City Ground on Sunday, July 31st, 2005, where more than 1,000 were sold in just a few hours.

There are photos of the badge launch HERE. 

Banner Auction

A unique piece of Cloughie history has been sold for nearly £1,000 to raise money for the Brian Clough Statue Fund in Nottingham. A banner, which was displayed in the city centre for the civic tribute after he died, was sold on the on-line auction site eBay.

The double-sided banner was specially made for Nottingham City Council and was hung outside the city's Council House. It features a picture of Cloughie alongside his famous quote: 'If God had wanted us to play football in the clouds, he'd have put grass up there.' The banner, which was given to the fund's committee by the city council, is the only one of its size with that particular quote.

The successful bidder is Chris Billings, a pub