There was huge media coverage when the proposed statue designs went on display at Nottingham Council House. A six-day consultation began on January 7th, 2008. The statue fund chairman Paul Ellis is pictured, above, being interviewed by the BBC.

Paul in the picture

Television crews, newspaper & radio reporters and photographers turned-out to capture the event. The TV coverage included BBC, Central and Sky Sports. Visitors were able to view the proposals and post their comments in a ballot box.

The first visitors view designs

People could also look at the designs on this website and e-mail their comments. Cloughie's former secretary Carole Washington viewed the proposals on the website. "They all have something about them which merits them being the statue, they are all done in their own style," she said. "We can see him with his hands clapsed, he used to do that an awful lot. He used to point his finger a lot as well, and put his hand up in the air.

"He would have been proud whichever one was chosen. I have got a favourite but I don't think it would be fair to give my opinion. It is definitely fitting that a statue should be in Nottingham - he was such a great man."

Visitors write their comments

The statue fund chairman Paul Ellis said: "The final statue will be an important feature of the city centre for generations to come, so it's essential to get it right. It will be a statue at which people can pay tribute and remember a remarkable man who touched thousands of lives."

The selection process involves a special panel to make the final decision on which sculptor is commissioned and what the pose of the statue should be. The panel includes Brian's widow, Barbara.