Nottingham Forest legends attended a gala performance of the Cloughie tribute play 'Old Big 'Ead in the Spirit of the Man' at Nottingham Playhouse. The evening marked the start of the second Nottingham run of the play, which made its debut last year. At the end of the production, the players were invited onto the stage. They are pictured above with actor Colin Tarrant who plays Cloughie.

Pictured, left to right, are Paul Hart, Ronnie Fenton, John Robertson, Larry Lloyd, John McGovern, Colin Tarrant, Gary Mills, Garry Birtles, John O'Hare and Liam O'Kane.

Also in the audience were Brian's widow Barbara, son Nigel and daughter Elizabeth. In a statement read by one of the cast, Elizabeth praised the production: "We are so pleased the play is back here in Nottingham. It will hopefully give all those who missed it last year another chance to see this lovely tribute to Dad.

"I have to be honest and say that when the family heard that a play about 'Old Big 'Ead' was on the cards we were rather apprehensive. However, due to the intelligent and sensitive writing, excellent direction and the warm and dedicated performances, our fears have proved unfounded." Elizabeth went on to praise the cast, who had shown great loyalty to each other - a quality Brian would have admired.

Larry Lloyd and Paul Hart are filmed as they arrive

As he arrived at the playhouse, Paul Hart said: "It's a special night. It's marvellous to see such a tribute." Later, Hart was welcomed on stage, alongside the other star names.

Paul Hart is welcomed on stage by Colin Tarrant

"This is just incredible. I can't believe it," said Colin as he shook hands with all his Forest heroes. He then joined the players in signing a large picture of Cloughie.

Colin introduces players onto the stage

Garry Birtles signs the picture, watched by Colin Tarrant

Colin adds his name to the picture

John O'Hare adds his signature

Colin also posed as Cloughie for the photographers, making a point to John McGovern and Garry Birtles. No doubt, it brought back some memories for the Forest legends.

Now then, young men!

The evening was billed as a gala performance to raise money for the Brian Clough Statue Fund. It followed a nationwide tour. The production will continue until June 10th.

Playwright Stephen Lowe and Director Alan Dossor pictured before the gala

Barbara Clough pictured with Marcus Alton from this website