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"Brian Clough should have been given a knighthood long ago for all of his achievements in football. Not least for putting Nottingham and England on the map in Europe, winning two European cups in succession, plus two championships (each with Derby and Forest) and numerous cup wins managing Nottingham Forest. Plus his great goalscoring record as a player. Let's hope that this will be rectified even though it is after his very sad passing. Brian Clough was a football genius." Roy Mullin, Nottingham.

"As a passionate Liverpool fan and football fan, I think it is awful he has not already been Knighted. I send my full support and wish we had some more like him!! Good luck and God bless." Jason Butler and family.

"I have always been baffled why Sir Brian Clough’s extraordinary achievements weren’t recognised in this way while we were still lucky enough to have him among us. Given that far lesser football mortals like Brooking, Charlton and even Ferguson got knighthoods and that Sir Brian’s outstanding ability was insultingly ignored by his country’s FA, such a small gesture to say thanks a lot on behalf of the general football public is very long overdue. I’m an Arsenal fan so there is no parochial motivation behind adding my voice to others calling for this gesture; Sir Brian was simply above such considerations, as everyone who loves football admired him as a person and for his achievements. May he rest in the peace he truly deserves but what a dull and predictable old place it is without him now! PS If a campaign was started among football people to always refer to him as Sir Brian, as he deserves and as I did above, perhaps the establishment would eventually be shamed into doing the right thing?" Peter Spencer, Dublin.

"Other knighted players and managers have achieved far less and been less influential than Old Big 'Ead. Give a knighthood to someone who has truly earned it." Simon Marriott, Broadcom Europe Ltd.

"I was very disappointed that Cloughie wasn't knighted in his lifetime, it would have made him the proudest man alive. After his achievements which at worst could be descibed as remarkable, surely there's a valid claim for a posthumous knighthood. He gave so much to so many people, asking comparitively so little in return. Knight him now & stop this travesty." David Towers, Ilkeston, Derbyshire.

"I give my vote for Brian Clough receiving a posthumous knighthood. Alf Ramsey, Alex Ferguson and even Bobby Robson received them. Why the hell didn’t Cloughie? It staggers me that he didn't!" Cal Pitchen, Wembley, Western Australia.

"If Cloughie doesn't get a posthumous knighthood it's a travesty against football. He's given more enjoyment to several generations of football fans on every level. No money to spend, just a great knowledge of how to get a team of decent players performing out of their skins! "If Fergie's got one Cloughie should get two" - I couldn't agree more!" Richard Etches, Nottingham.

"The man deserves a Knighthood so much. What he did with such unfashionable teams was amazing. He didn't have the money that Ferguson, Wenger or Mourinho (or countless Newcastle managers!) are thrown, and yet he managed to win back to back European cups! Imagine if he had have managed England? I think we could have been potential winners in 82 and 86 under his guidance. Give him the posthumous Knighthood. And let's not forget he was a true socialist right until the very end. One of the greatest britons ever by far!" Rob in Birmingham.

"Not only one of the greatest football managers/players of all time, but more importantly one of the best characters as well. The way Brian went about his business showed what can be achieved through motivation, spirit, honesty and character - not just as a football manager either. Using this 'simple' formula he excelled at whatever he did - player, writer, public speaker. I'm disgusted that at no point over the last 25 years has such an outstanding character been given due consideration for the honour which he deserves more than many who already hold the title. It's one of the worst cases of under-representation of the midlands I can think of - had Brian acheived such things as manager of Arsenal, Tottenham etc (which ironically would have been less of an achievement) he would certainly have received his Knighthood long ago. As a Forest fan of a different generation looking back at what he acheived, nobody can argue that Forest were in the slightest bit lucky to win the titles they did, they were simply the best team in Europe - by quite some way!! His achievements themselves should be enough to gurantee his Knighthood, but for me they are not even the most important thing - it's the way he achieved it. The way one man's truly inspirational character conquered England and then Europe." Shaun Reynolds, January 2008.

"Arise SIR Brian. 4 all ur football achievements." Paul Denham.

"It is a national disgrace that Brian Clough was never knighted. Many many lesser sportsmen have received knighthoods and it's unbelievable that he wasn't knighted. Regards." Patrick Elliott.

"So a Scot gets one, but not an English legend?" Craig Stringfellow.

"It is surely only right that the greatest football manager England has ever produced, should be recognised by a posthumous knighthood. As a Wolves fan I am pleased we played some small part in his Derby story but sorry the rumours that he might come to manage us were not true; and that was our loss. Best wishes and every hope for success." Richard Bailey.

"The best there has ever been. No-one will ever match what he did for Derby and Forest, taking Forest from the lower end of the old 2nd Division to the 1st Division title and 2 European cups without the money clubs spend today. Even Sir Alex Ferguson spent millions on players to get them where they are now. It should be SIR BRIAN CLOUGH. If Sir Brian had got the England job we would have been celebrating World Cup success for a 2nd time and also European Championships too, only the FA was to frightened to give him the job because he was not a 'yes sir' man. Come on, give Brian the honour he deserves." Lynne Riley, Rainworth, Notts.

"Clough should have been knighted. His achievements in football say it all, but apart from the football, Clough was a great person and someone who could show great humility to ordinary folk. He made many ordinary people feel special in his presence. Clough is worshipped by Forest and Derby fans, but also worshipped by the players who worked for him. Although you are no longer with us Brian, I do hope you get a posthumous knighthood, it would be a worthy accolade for a fantastic career and would make your family so proud." Nick Cooper.

"I'm 18 and a Manchester United fan and you have to say that based on European success, Cloughie is the most successful manager EVER in England. What he did with Forest and Derby was nothing short of amazing. How he wasn't knighted after the first European Cup with Forest is farcical. The measure of the man was shown when he died last year. Great man, great manager, BLINDING quotes!" Beverley Witney.

"Sir Brian it must be, for his services to football. Simple as that." Graham Broadhead, Sydney, Australia.

"England never realized the genius they had in Brian Clough. Clough's accomplishments have reached this side of the pond as one of the greatest managers ever." Stephen Hughes, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17013, USA.

"If there's anyone you would want on your round table, it's Brian Clough." Matt O'Neill, Melbourne, Australia.

"The greatest manager this country has ever had. A football genius and a gentleman. Knight him right now." Iain Wiseman, Business Manager, Sanyo Europe Ltd.

"That the great genius Brian Clough has not been knighted is disgraceful. A wonderful player, a wonderful personality, a wonderful Englishman who brought European glory to the country. For goodness sake, what more credentials does the man need?" Ross Lowe, Derby fan, Countesthorpe Community College, Leicestershire.

"I would like to support the move to have Brian Clough knighted. When he played for Sunderland, we all loved him - not only for his playing skills, but also for his outspoken comments to all and sundry. He has proved his class by overcoming horrendous injury which stopped him from playing football, and showing everyone that he was also a class manager. Good luck in your efforts." Joan Jones (65), Sunderland.

"I was born and bred in Middlesbrough and live a couple of minutes away from the street in which Cloughie lived. My grandad lived opposite him and I remember, as a child, my father recounting stories of him kicking a ball about in the street with Cloughie. He played for Boro and scored two-hundred goals at a rate of almost a goal a game (Cloughie that is, not my Dad). What would he cost in today's market? As a Boro fan I suppose it could be argued I might be slightly biased. But having read the other messages, it's obvious that he is respected and held in high regard not only in this country, but from far and wide. And rightly so. Arise, Sir Cloughie." Paul Rose, Middlesbrough.

"It's taken a quarter of a century for another team to take Forest's record of forty-two unbeaten league matches. That's just one achievement Cloughie made with fewer players and a lot less money! Add all the rest to that, and there's no comparison. Give the man a knighthood!" John and Janice Hepworth, Nottingham Forest, Worksop Town and England.

"My late father was a lifelong Forest fan (and latterly Cloughie fan), even after we moved to London forty five years ago. We went to the Cup Final and to Nottingham for the parade. We stood on Trent Bridge to watch the team's open-topper go past. My Dad was looking for the Great Man, who was sitting at the back of the top deck. As the bus came alongside, Dad shouted up "Brian". The Great Man stood up and looked down over the side of the bus. They made eye contact and exchanged thumbs-up signs. I honestly thought my Dad would have passed away in that moment. The knighthood is long overdue." Iain Macbriar, QV Associates.

"It's an outrage that the great man has not been knighted yet. Without doubt he's the best manager this country has ever produced, and as a player he wasn't bad either. Sort it out Buckingham Palace. Old Big 'Ead is a national treasure." Derek Bilton, Hartlepool.

"The best English manager bar-none. Superb football brain and master tactician. If he'd been at the helm of the England squad, we would have undoubtedly won the 1978 and 1982 World Cups. A knighthood would be a particularly good way of recognising his contributions." Glen Hodgson, Account Director, Public Affairs, Hill and Knowlton International, Belgium.

"The greatest football manager of all times. He should have received recognition twenty five years ago. Now is the time to correct the injustice. I support your efforts in giving him the recognition he truly deserves." Ian Rollitt, Bridgetown, Barbados, West Indies.

"I would back all claims to knight Brian Clough. As a young kid living in a Derby children's home, I used to see Brian most Sundays walking his dogs in Darley Park. I was always in trouble with the Police and other people, but one day Brian had a little kick around with me, then we sat down and had a chat. His words of wisdom really sank in and changed my life. He was the only person who has had any effect on my life and turned it into a good life instead of going to prison. Thanks for saving me from ruin, Brian Clough. And thanks for making football what it is today, the beautiful game. Give Brian Clough what he deserves, the knighthood, please." Andrew Thompson, Royal Navy, Plymouth, & Derby fan.

"When the younger generations ask why England have not won a major trophy since 1966, we can honestly answer that it was because nobody at the F.A. was brave enough to employ the one man who could have delivered that glory, even though every true football fan knew who that should have been! The question is, will this Labour Government, like the F.A. before them, fail to listen to the voice of the true football fans and fail to honour one of their own? Tony Blair - for the people of your native North East. For the British people and for true football fans everywhere - Give the man a Knighthood!!!" Sean Wright, Oldham, Lancashire.

"It is a disgrace that Brian Clough has not been knighted. England made the tragic mistake of not making him their manager when they had the chance. A knighthood would go some way to rectifying that error." Barry Johnston, Westfield, Western Australia.

"Not many 'celebrities' have the effect of raising the hairs on the neck or bringing a huge lump to the throat. Brian Clough did that for thousands throughout his playing and managerial career, both by the simplicity of his tactics, his drive, charisma and sometimes his eccentricity. The sporting world has honoured one of its true greats - Sir Steve Redgrave. Without a doubt Brian Clough deserves to hold such a place in our hearts and be spoken of with the same deference as does Sir Steve." Paul Bailey, Forest fan, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts.

"We'd like to offer our whole-hearted support to the campaign to get Brian Clough a knighthood. For the good of the game of football and life. When Alex Ferguson and Bobby Robson have won back to back European Cups and League Championships with two very unfashionable clubs, perhaps they too will deserve the name Sir, like Brian Clough." Tim Pickles, Michelle Fawcett and Adele Pickles, North Yorkshire.

"I experienced the best of Cloughie's success at the City Ground. The fun for me was in watching a small and relatively unknown club take on the biggest and best and win against them consistently. If Bobby Robson and Alex Ferguson are the benchmarks, then surely Cloughie deserves the same honour. Fergie had the cheque book that Cloughie would have liked. Robson had the job he should have had (England, not Ipswich). Please add my e-mail to the campaign for the recognition of an ordinary man who transformed a lot of ordinary people's lives in an extraordinary way." Mark Menhennett, The Message Pad Ltd, Nottinghamshire.

"Brian should absolutely be 'Sir Brian'. As a Forest fan in exile in the US, I often think back to the great days when we genuinely felt we were unbeatable. The only person we have to thank for those memories is BC. Back then, even the people who hated him still wished he was their manager. Thanks for the memories, Sir." Steve Simpson, Miami, United States.

"Just found your website and agree with all the others that Old Big 'Ead should have been honoured years ago. As a servant of the country and a life-long Forest fan, I urge our government to wake up, listen to what the people want and put King Clough up there with the rest of this country's greats where he belongs." Andy Harrison, West Bridgford, Nottingham.

"Brian Clough is the greatest manager in football history in the world. He should be awarded a knighthood for all his achievements. I met him at a bookshop, when he signed his new book for me." Jason Matvijenko.

"Unlike other recipients, Brian Clough never ever refused a player the chance to play for his country. I am fed up of listening to the whining we get from certain decorated managers about releasing players for internationals. He should be knighted for services to English AND international football." Paul Rushton, Radcliffe-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire.

"He deserves it and should get it sooner rather than later. He should have been knighted 15-20 years ago. Sir Brian Clough." John Pearson, Jersey, Channel Isles.

"If Brian's fantastic career had been at Spurs or Arsenal (or any other London club) he would have been a 'Sir' twenty years ago. As a lifelong Derby County fan, my thoughts are that his footballing achievements far surpass any other manager. The very best of luck with your campaign." Howard Harrison, Derby fan.

"He is surely one of the greatest managers of all time but was such a chracter as well. While the likes of Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger are given millions to spend, Old Big 'Ead used his own unique ability to forge a team of also-rans into world beaters. After his recent liver transplant, many fans were forced back down to earth and came to see that, like us, he is only human. That shows how special he was as a manager. Now is the time to recognise the great man for his achievements and to pay respect to his wonderful life in football." James Prentice, Forest fan.

"He should have received a knighthood twenty years ago. Clough deserves it. He's the man who made me love English football and most of all Nottingham Forest." Dee Suzai, Ampang, Selangor DE, Malaysia.

"There are many criteria which may render a British subject worthy of the honour of a Knighthood. Brian Clough fulfils them all. As a British citizen and a football fan, I demand to hear the words 'Arise Sir Brian.'" Nick Fletcher, Forest fan.

"Just read your website and I fully support the campaign for Brian Clough to be knighted. His achievements are unique in football and will never be beaten. He is quite simply the greatest manager in the history of British football." Paul Greenfield.

"As a Forest fan for thirty years, I remember the achievements of god Clough. Why did Ferguson get a knighthood? What about the achievements of the Great Man, Cloughie OBE. Are we to let these remain unnoticed? Let's hope not." Tommy Madden, Belfast.

"He is simply the best. Why oh why is this well deserved honor not yet awarded? It's time now to put this right. Thank you, Mr Clough, for fantastic memories." Bernard Brennan, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

"I feel that Brian Clough should receive a knighthood as it would be a fitting tribute to a man who is undoubtedly one of the best football managers ever." Shelley Smith, Contracts Manager, Methods Application Ltd, London.


"Considering that knighthoods in soccer have been dished out to characters who wouldn't dream of managing a European Cup winning team, let alone doing it twice, the situation is beyond me. I strongly urge the powers-that-be to re-consider the achievements of Brian Clough and do the honourable thing." Mike Packer, Aberdeen supporter.

"He should be knighted for the impact he had on the modern game. There will never be another." Mick Kent, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire.

"I whole-heartedly support any claim to knight Brian Clough. He is to football what Muhammed Ali was to boxing. An honest talking man with a well proven track record. Do it now rather than later." Les Kerr, Derby.

"I cannot think of anyone who deseves to be called 'Sir' more than the Greatest Living Englishman, Brian Clough." Mark J. Kennedy, Basford, Nottingham.

"As a Yank who is an avid supporter of UK football, I am amazed that Mr Clough has not yet received this honour. His enormous contributions to the sport of football, along with an uncompromising sense of ethics, make this a grievous omission. He represents all that is good and decent in English football. Good luck, Brian!" Tim Shea, Reston, Virginia, USA.

"I am a Manchester United fan and I fully support Sir Alex Ferguson getting a knighthood. But I also agree that Brian Clough should get a knighthood after what he achieved at Derby County and Nottingham Forest, in taking both clubs from the old Second Division to the league title. His European success at Forest was sensational. But I think his biggest achievement was when his Forest team went forty-two matches unbeaten. That was phenomenal. I don't think it will ever be beaten. The sooner he is made Sir Brian Clough, the better." Rhys Stephens, Manchester United fan.

"I was yet to be born when my Dad cheered on Forest to their first European Cup. So it's incredible that just thirteen years later, I had already experienced enough great football memories to last a lifetime. All thanks to that same man. Yet it will take a whole lifetime to figure out why, over twenty years since that first European success, he's still not 'Sir' Cloughie." Graham Francis, Forest fan.

"It's time to knight this true football hero. Never afraid to be outspoken, he may have made a few enemies, but you couldn't fault the man. If Fergie can get a knighthood, surely BC deserves all that and more after so many years at the top."  Andy Saffrey, Brentford fan in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


"If anyone in our beautiful game deserves a knighthood, it's Cloughie. As a player, manager and pundit he's reached the very top. It's a pity you still weren't playing for us now, Brian. Ahh....Cloughie and Phillips. From an admiring Sunderland fan who never got to see you perform your magic."  Chris Stephenson, Bolden, Tyne and Wear.


"The world of football wouldn't be what it is without him. Had he been given his chance with England...I still dream about that. Good luck for the campaign. Let's make it 'Sir' Brian."  Colin Moore, Nuneaton, Warwickshire.


"Brian Clough has given far more to the culture of this nation than many of the politicians and ex-civil servants who have been knighted in the past. I salute him as a giant amongst men and hope to God someone out there is paying attention."  Andrew Barker, City College Norwich.


"My newspaper supports the campaign for Brian Clough to be knighted. When he came to Hartlepool United, the club I have supported since 1957, the whole town was buzzing. When we were promoted with the team Cloughie built and John McGovern, a Hartlepool lad, went on to lift the European Cup twice, the people of Hartlepool were proud. Arise, Sir Brian!"  John Riddle, Sports Editor, The Paper, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.


"Give the man a knighthood. 'Sir' Brian Clough would be a fitting title for such a great man who has brought so much pleasure to so many people."  Mark Raven, Burton Albion fan.  


"It is an honour he should have received a long time ago. I can't believe he keeps getting overlooked."  Burt Bailey, North Wales.


"After not giving him the England job, a knighthood is the least his country can give him as compensation. Muhammed Ali was good, but Brian Clough is the greatest." Steve Wain, Germany, formerly Swadlincote, Derbyshire.


"Hey, he's got a great name. Every Englishman I meet comments on the skill, fame and legend of Mr Clough. Having followed his career as much as I could from 'the wrong side of the pond', I can only imagine what a knighthood would mean to those who watched him and played for him, as well as the man himself."  Brian E. Clough, Walpole, Massachusetts, USA.


"I met Mr Clough when I was a young boy. I can remember how scared I was, but he was great. I still have the autograph. As a Sunderland fan, I have come to admire his scoring achievements. I feel that he was the best England manager we never had. He should be knighted."  David Humphries, Sunderland fan.


"I personally believe that Mr Clough should definitely be in the New Year's Honours List. Why? Because anything he doesn't know about football isn't worth knowing, and he is the best manager this country has ever seen. By the way, Mr Clough, if you are reading this and you would ever consider coming out of retirement, Derby needs an excellent manager like you!"  Clare Stubbs, Derby fan.


"Having played the game and watched it for most of my 48 years, I am one of the millions of football lovers that feel cheated out of seeing a Brian Clough England team. I believe that Brian not only deserves a knighthood for his services to the game of football, he should have an apology from the FA for passing him by."  Dennis East, Watford supporter, Oxfordshire.


"I would like to lend my voice to those calling for a knighthood for Brian Clough OBE. I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a fan of Nottingham Forest or Derby County, but I consider that Mr Clough was a British hero of the last century. He was a man of principle and a man of action. He made a difference to many people's lives and gave his region, and indeed the country as a whole, reasons to be proud."  Ian Evans, Head of UK Marketing, Computershare Investor Services PLC, London.


"The man tells it like it is. He was and is the best. His performance as a man, let alone as a player and a manager, definitely makes him worthy of a knighthood."  Simon Clements, Nottingham.


"I'm a dedicated Notts County fan. However, I do believe that Brian Clough was the very greatest manager that ever lived. So I think he should be knighted."  Luke Gell.


"A knighthood? Most definitely, yes. And those who denied him the England manager's job should be made to watch the ceremony - on their knees."  Ken Taylor, Manchester City fan.


"I have been a Forest supporter since my Dad took me when I was six years old, and I am now 62. I was born in Ilkeston and the best thing that happened to Forest was when Cloughie came. I think he should have had a knighthood years ago. All the best in your campaign."  Brian Draper, Germany.


"I think it would be criminal not to recognise genius like this. Mr Clough should have been knighted a long time ago. It is about time that those who bestow these honours listen to the people and give them to those worthy of the title - not just directors of big companies who give large donations."  Caroline Barker, Sandiacre, Nottingham.


"Undoubtedly a football genius, and also a great advertisement for the game. In his heyday the media could not get enough of him. Can you imagine how Ferguson would cope with that sort of attention? Give him the honour."  Kevin Toms, Forest fan.


"Brian Clough is one in a million. Not only were his managerial skills second to none, his playing skills were too. He was surely the most honest manager of all time. There weren't many players he didn't get the best out of. Brian Clough deserves to be knighted, but he will always be a king in Nottingham."  Steve Hunt, Suffolk.


"His contributions to football and the economy in the regions where he worked should single him out for a knighthood. He is an ideal role model for today's youth. I am still waiting for our club to fully recover from that tragic day when Brian was dismissed."  Ray Harford, Leeds United fan.


"As a (very) young man growing up in Derby the only threat to my club allegiance was when Cloughie moved on. The sheer charisma of the man meant I had to go too. I continued my enjoyment of his winning ways at Forest. For the passion and fervour of those formative years, he deserves it!"  Andrew Little, London.


"Knighthoods are, as I understand, given to mentors. One of the greatest living mentors in my lifetime is surely (Sir) Brian Clough." Chuni Patel, Dallas, Texas.  


"Brian Clough was one of football's greatest managers, not just in Britain but the world. He took mediocre teams and made them world beaters on a shoestring budget. Not only that but during a short playing career he was a prolific goalscorer. If Alex Ferguson was made Sir for his contributions to football then Cloughie should be Sir Brian also. He was and is a footballing legend. Simple as that."  Andrew Robinson, Cardiff.


"I can't believe this man has been overlooked for so long. His achievements were enormous compared with the 'buy-a-cup' formula beloved of today's managers. Please add my name to your campaign."  Martin Dowie, Dundee United fan, Dunfermline, Fife.

"He has been 'Sir' Brian for me since Forest won the European Cup against Malmo in Munich in 1979. Winning the European Cup in successive years with Forest was more than double what either Matt Busby or Alex Ferguson ever achieved. Long live Sir Brian." Tim Caulton, Elmton, nr Worksop, Notts.


"The arrival of Brian meant a great deal to me and to Derby in the Seventies. What he achieved made us feel proud. This is the first e-mail I ever sent for any cause. I support your campaign 100%. Here's to 'Sir' Brian."  Howard Cooper, Derby fan.


"As a keen football supporter, I've been going to games since the mid Sixties, I wholeheartedly support the campaign to get Brian Clough a knighthood."  Andy Kowal, Nottingham.


"I heard the news of the Brian Clough knighthood campaign on Radio Five. This is long overdue and I hope the powers that be take note of public opinion. Good luck."  Tony Provis, Hampshire.


"It's easy to build a European Cup winning team with millions to spend (yes, you SIR Alex). But to build a double European Cup winning team on a shoestring and with a bunch of so-called 'no-hopers' takes an absolute genius. Stand, Sir Brian."  Mark Best, Dartford, Kent.


"I am a Middlesbrough fan in my Forties and unfortunately never saw Cloughie play. But as a football fan through the Seventies and Eighties, I had the greatest admiration for him as a manager. He stood out from the crowd. I would like to add my backing to the campaign. Long live 'Sir' Cloughie."  Mike Kennedy, Stockton-on-Tees.


"If Sir is the highest honour that can be bestowed upon the Great Man, then a knighthood is long overdue. Who can argue with two successive European cup victories and a whole array of silverware to boot? Brian Clough was not only a football genius but a flamboyant character of which the game has very few!"  Jhansi Somapalan, London.


"Cloughie may not have been some 'those upstairs' had a lot of time for, but it's what the people think that matters most. In these days of overpriced, overhyped footballers, why not honour someone who gained achievement the hard way? Cloughie is and was unique, brilliant and a credit to English sport."  Claire Callaghan Larson.


"Brian Clough was the best manager England never had. It seems to me that because of his outspoken views of the F.A. (justly deserved), he was overlooked for the England manager's job. Is the Establishment going to treat him the same way? This man has done so much for the local communities of Derby and Nottingham, in that he brought a feel-good factor to the area through his football teams. Give this man a knighthood."  Ian Coope, Forest fan.

"He was one of the greatest centre-forwards of his generation and easily the best manager of anyone's generation. Overlooking him for the England job was a mistake. Let's not do the same again. Cloughie was everything that was good about football. Give him a knighthood."  Andy McKenzie, sports writer,


"Brian Clough gave me my first memories in football and I shall never forget them. The man is a genius and surely should be knighted." Mark Hibbert.


"It is beyond belief that a man who did as much, if not more, for Nottingham as Robin Hood, has not yet been given the recognition he deserves. Alex Ferguson took a team worth millions and won the European Cup once. Mr Clough did it with transfer listed players and has-beens. The man is a hero and an ambassador for the world of football. He should be knighted now and let justice prevail."  Paul Smith, Nottingham.  


"Other managers and players have been knighted for considerably less success and achievement in football. I wholeheartedly endorse a campaign to see a knighthood bestowed upon Brian Clough."  Neil Everitt, a Wolves fan living in Nottingham.


"Brian Clough gave not only Nottingham Forest their greatest ever times, but he breathed life into the club and the city itself too. Shankly, Stein, Busby, Ferguson etc were all great managers, but they were at clubs that were already established. Clough had the same great success with so-called little clubs like Derby and Forest. That's what sets him apart for me. Come back to the City Ground soon Brian, we all love you and wish you well, young man."  Ian Robinson, Leicester.


"Brian Clough is a true legend of the game. If Alex Ferguson deserves a knighthood then Cloughie deserves two. Brian Clough served the game in the true era of the Seventies and Eighties when money was sparse and he still managed to create a legendary team." Matthew Bowman, via


"Brian Clough was the most consistent goalscorer I have ever seen. I was there on the day he sustained the injury that ended his career. A person of weaker character would have given up and lived on his reputation. Brian did not moan. He started in management and worked his way up, winning every trophy except the FA cup. He is a man of exceptional qualities whom I would be proud to call Sir Brian Clough."  Ray Britton, via


"I fully support the campaign for Brian Clough's knighthood. As probably the finest manager England has produced, he is fully deserving of this honour."  Thomas A. Coates, via


"I certainly think that Brian should be knighted. When you think that Alex Ferguson is a 'Sir' it is incredible that Brian has been bypassed. Ferguson has done well, but look at the resources at his disposal, plenty of cash and terrific support. Cloughie did what he did with small resources. He should have been the England manager. But I'm glad he didn't leave Forest to take the job." Barrie Myers, Sandiacre, Notts.


"If we are to truly honour those in football that deserve it, then we should look no further than Brian Clough. In an age when we shower honours on Sir Alex Ferguson for taking the richest club in the world to European glory, surely it is about time we recognised the great man himself for taking a small provincial club to become Europe's leading team for two years. 'Sir' Brian Clough is the least he deserves."  Joe Lewis, London.


"Brian Clough's teams gave millions of football fans around the world countless pleasure and fond memories of the game. He definitely deserves the title, 'Sir'. Thank you, Brian."  Lim Boon Cheng, Singapore.


"Brian was able to exceed expectations better than anyone else. He deserves this honour now. We should not wait any longer."  Nicholas Caunt, Fort Worth, Texas.


"People always talk about Brian the manager, but forget that he was one of the most natural goalscorers to grace the beautiful game. As a manager his achievements are better than anyone's. What a wonderful character. Let's knight Old Big 'Ead."  Gudlauger Tomasson, Reykjavik, Iceland.  


"Having seen the new Honours List, I'm almost ashamed to be British. Not to honour Brian Clough with a knighthood is a national disgrace. While I cannot dishonour some of the deserving recipients, what have they contributed more to the nation than Brian Clough?....Answer: Nothing."  Guy Delamere, Cardiff.


"Brian Clough was a great manager, but what made him so special was that he's a wonderful character. His wise-cracks and stinging remarks often made post-match interviews more interesting than the game itself. Brian is a man who cares passionately about football rather than the money that can be earned from it. He deserves far greater recognition than a knighthood brings, but it's a good start."  Adrian Kitchen, a Sunderland supporter in Brazil.


"This man won the greatest prize in European football twice with an unfashionable club (hence no knighthood so far) and in an era dominated by a fine Liverpool side. Please honour this hugely talented, if outspoken, man and let's acknowledge brilliance instead of time serving mediocrity."  Tim Donkin, via

"I whole heartedly agree that Brian Clough should be honoured for his services to football as a player and manager. Growing up watching Middlesbrough, I was fortunate enough to see him play at his peak and I also took a keen interest in his progress as a manger. Arise Sir Brian Clough!"  Terry Gills. 

"Give Brian Clough a knighthood. He was a great player and the greatest manager ever. His teams played football the way it should be played - on the ground. He produced several entertaining, successful teams without spending bucketloads of cash. He went to Europe...he won the cup twice! He is a great personality. Mike him Sir Brian now."  Mark Robinson, Southend.


"I remember as a young lad being taken by my dad to watch Forest. I was fortunate enough to see the beautiful game played as it should be played. The Cloughie way! The man is a legend and should be knighted for his services to football. It's a travesty he hasn't been already." Darrell Henson, Grimsby.


"Cloughie did it 'the old fashioned way' and has earned a knighthood. Whether it was Hartlepool, Derby or Forest, he moulded a collection of character players and developed strong cohesive teams with limited finances. A true leader. Too bad the England national team bureaucrats never figured this out."  Bob Saveraux, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


"Cloughie is an icon, not only for we Sunderland supporters, but also for all those with a love of English football. He is a thoroughly honest, decent and brave man who should be revered as Sir Brian not only by those who follow football, but also by all who appreciate the good that this country still contains."  Graeme Anderson, via


"It is nothing short of a national disgrace that lesser people have received their knighthoods before him. Come on Mr Blair, get your finger out and correct this injustice."
Kevin Owen, a Forest supporter, Andover, Hants.


"Being a Forest fan, I believe the man is God and should be knighted at the very least." Andrew Berry, engineer, Power Torque Engineering Ltd.


"As a kid growing up in Nottinghamshire in the 1980's, he gave us more than we ever had a right to expect. Every Forest fan can be proud of him. Knighthood? Should have happened years ago."  Mike Cobb, Bristol.


"It's a disgrace that Cloughie never managed England. Let's not repeat the mistake. We should honour him in his retirement. You will see the word 'genius' associated with many football characters, but never as often or as accurately as with Clough. Good luck with the campaign."Adrian Waddy, Northampton.


"Please honour and knight the true football genius: Brian Clough."  Sol Pearch.


"It's a tragedy in footballing terms that Cloughie wasn't England manager. His club achievements stand out and I think he was a great manager for fans of football no matter what their team allegiance was. A knighthood is the least he deserves."  Jeremy Bone. 


"As a Derby fan who lives with a Leicester fan, I can honestly say that this is the first footballing matter we have agreed on! The best England manager we never had. Arise, Sir Brian. The whole country knows you deserve it."  Tony Thompson and Amanda Stafford, Leicester.


"It is shameful that someone like Alex Ferguson gets a knighthood as soon as his moneybags Man Utd win the European Champions League once, but Clough did it twice with Forest with limited resources. It's time for 'Arise Sir Brian!'" Brett Jeffries-Shaw, Wimbledon, via


"Anybody who has read his autobiography will know he deserves a knighthood more than most. In fact I would go further and say that most knights are not fit to lace his boots." David Hodgson, Norbury, London.


"Alex Ferguson received a knighthood within months of winning one 'anybody can enter' champions league, because he is the manager of Media Utd. Brian Clough won two European Champions Cups with little financial or media support and is still waiting 20 years later. He must be honoured now!"  Matt Whitmarsh, Chilwell, Nottingham.


"Surely if anyone associated with football over the past forty to fifty years deserves a knighthood, then Brian Clough does, not only for what he achieved with both Derby and Nottingham Forest but with his attitude towards Society and the way people in general behave."  Bob Collyer.


"His ability to produce great teams from minimal resources is unrivalled. I'd love to see him honoured in this way. It is definitely long overdue, and this would be the capping off of a brilliant career. He's the best respected manager ever in British football." Darren L. O'Brien, Auckland, New Zealand.


"Brian Clough was and always will be regarded as one of the greatest managers in the world. He should have been given the England manager's job, so let's not make any more mistakes. He deserves a knighthood!"  Hedley Green, California, USA.


"If you have followed the English game over the past forty years, Mr Clough's name stands out, as a player, a manager and an entertainer. I support the campaign to recognise his value to the game of football. Sir Cloughie has a ring to it!"  Albert Todd, Australia.


"I'm proud to add to the calls for Brian Clough to be knighted. I'll never forget the day I met him at an England U-21 game. Though I am too young to have seen him play, fellow Sunderland fans who have rate him as one of the greats. As a manager, he was peerless. Unique, clever, entertaining. BC for KG!" Stephen Worthy, Deputy Editor, Ministry Magazine, Ministry of Sound, London.


"Brian Clough is truly one of the greatest characters in the history of the game. He has set the benchmarks for managers and strikers alike with his great achievements. It would be outstanding for one of the best players in Sunderland's history to be knighted. I only wish I was old enough to see him play at Roker myself. Nobody deserves a knighthood more."  Joe Laing, via


"He will probably be recognised as the last manager to achieve success as opposed to buying it...and all you want is a knighthood?"  Mark Buckley, via


"If God had not wanted Brian Clough to be knighted then he wouldn't have invented football. Not only is Brian the greatest club manager ever but he is also a fantastic bloke, always ready to help anybody. Please make sure that Brian is honoured while he is still alive, I can think of nobody in football who deserves it more."  Kevin Chambers, Ruddington, Nottingham.

"With the game becoming increasingly flooded with foreign managers I feel it is about time that one of the greatest English managers ever, deserved the recognition he is due. I'm a Forest fan and believe Brian Clough is a legend."  Martin Tuttlebee, Derby.


"We have honoured other top managers like Busby, Ramsey and Ferguson, so it is only right to honour the best of all, Brian Clough!"  Richard Gibbs, Burton-on-Trent.


"He definitely should be knighted. He had much more charisma and presence than a lot of the managers these days."  Sam Humphries, Arnold, Nottingham.


"He's a legend. He put Forest on the footballing map and enhanced England's reputation. Alex Ferguson got his knighthood almost instantly, yet Cloughie has been waiting years."  Dan Berry.


"Clough brought the European Cup back twice in consecutive seasons with little money spent. Ferguson brought it back once and spent a considerable amount of money on his way to his success. Is it true that we call him Sir Alex Ferguson?"  Martyn Bream, Long Eaton, Nottingham.


"Cloughie is up there with all the greats. He has to be knighted. Justice would not be done if we don't have Sir Brian Clough!"  Jason Chamberlain, Nottingham.  

"The knighthood has to happen. Arise Sir Big 'Ead, the greatest manager England never had." Steve Perkins, Bingham, Nottinghamshire.  


"Never in the history of football has there been a greater exponent of God's beautiful game. Brian achieved so much with so little and should be duly rewarded with a knighthood, as other lesser football mortals have. To deny him this would be a travesty. Mr Blair, listen to the people!"  Chris Conway, London.


"Clough is miles better than Alex Ferguson and deserves a knighthood. Ferguson hasn't won two European Cups in succession and the Super Cup, has he?" James Wales, Beeston, Nottingham.


"Anyone who supported and regularly watched Forest before the arrival of Brian Clough will appreciate the full extent of what he achieved. A knighthood is the least he should get, and is long overdue."  John Copeman, Burton-on-Trent. 


"I would love to see Brian Clough knighted. If other football managers can receive the honour, then so should Brian Clough because he is the world's greatest manager." Glen Scruby, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.


"My Dad always reminds me of Cloughie's goalscoring exploits when he played for the Lads in the early Sixties and he was even in the Roker End on that Boxing Day that ended his career. Good luck with this campaign, it has good merits behind it." Tom Richards, via


"If the F.A. had been brave enough in the Seventies and appointed Cloughie, we would have won the World Cup again, because he was a success right through his football career and failure was never an option. It is too late for the England job now, but to make him Sir Brian Clough would be tremendous. Even if we are still left to say "if only Brian Clough...etc". Colin Humphrey, via  


"As a lifelong Forest fan, born within two miles of the City Ground and now residing in Germany, I would like to see 'Sir' Brian honoured by a nation which sadly never had the courage or vision to make him its national football manager. The successes he achieved will never be repeated. He built teams which had the courage, discipline and skill to not only win everything, but entertain us whilst they did it, without worrying the bank manager. Arise Sir Brian, a football genius."  Steve Throup, Munich, Germany.


"After forty-four years of supporting Nottingham Forest, I'd like to add my voice to the campaign for a knighthood for the great man. It's evident that his achievements will never be emulated in these days of big money enterprises."  John Belshaw.


"Forget Ferguson. Forget Paisley. What Brian achieved with the resources he had will never be equalled, let alone surpassed. He'll always be Sir Brian to us."  Jason Wood.


"Not only a great manager, but a player beyond comparison. Just how much does one have to achieve in football to be honoured? Outspoken? Yes ofcourse, but his moral values are without reproach. In years to come, when history reflects on football greats and we see that Cloughie wasn't knighted, it will be a shameful blight on us all."  Dave Sketchley, Sacramento, California.