Stuart Pearce was full of praise for the Master Manager during a return visit to Nottingham. Psycho was making a personal appearance at the Cabaret nightspot, where he received a hero's welcome at two sell-out events (May, 2005).

Pearce (then boss at Mancester City) said he had learned a lot while working for the Great Man. He told a news conference at Cabaret: "You have got to be an absolute idiot to work for Brian Clough and not pick anything up, even if you are in his company for only two weeks. He was that good at man-management and football, making it an easy game.

"You have only got to look in the trophy cabinet at what he achieved. The sad thing now is Forest are two leagues down from the Premiership and 20-odd years ago they had back to back European Cups. It's unbelievable.

"I gained experience under Brian Clough. I spent eight years under him as his captain and player and every day you learned something different. In fact, every day was different."

Psycho told the audience he would always admire Cloughie - and the fans responded with a huge cheer and applause. "He made me the player I turned out to be," said Pearce. "And I'd like to think he shaped my personality too."