In his first live radio phone-in, back in the year 2000, Cloughie was as controversial and unpredictable as ever. Callers spoke directly to the Master Manager.

"The ugliest player I ever signed was Kenny Burns," he told one fan who asked him to name his best signing.

"Hiya beauty," was Cloughie's greeting to a young woman who called the hour-long phone-in on BBC Radio Nottingham. She asked for his opinion on the controversial UEFA Cup semi-final against Anderlecht in 1984.

"The referee cheated us from start to finish," he replied.

But he also disclosed the secret of his success in Europe.

"We regarded European matches as a holiday. Hey, to get rid of me for a couple of days was the biggest boost I could give them. I kept them away from a football. They didn't know what a football was until they kicked off."

There were plenty of jokes. Referring to his dodgy, injured knee, he said centre-halves used to kick it. He added that his wife Barbara used to poke it with her high-heels. "I think she's done the damage. Any chance of me sueing her?"


Clough is pictured in the radio studio with the former Forest striker Garry Birtles and yours truly.

Cloughie later took part in another regular phone-in. Details HERE.