A Football Genius

21st March 1935 - 20th September 2004

The ultimate tribute to the Master Manager

Now in our 14th year - the first and best Clough tribute 

Why Cloughie threatened to fine a player for training on his day off....tribute to one of Brian's first ever signings who has passed away...see news page...Trevor Francis says Cloughie is still sadly missed, nearly 10 years since he passed away...Des Walker praises the Master Manager...'he was like a Dad'.....please send us your tributes or memories email us....and visit the 'Your Tributes' page....

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The original and only non-profit making tribute website to Brian Clough, launched on August 8th, 2000.

"A wonderful tribute. I hope it will continue for many, many years." - Mrs Barbara Clough.

"A nice tribute to Dad." - Nigel Clough.

The editor would like to thank everyone who has sent e-mail tributes. Please continue to send them.

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An unofficial tribute website to Brian Clough OBE MA PhD