Brian Clough - a football genius

Brian Clough's final match as a manager was in May 1993. In the new Green Jumper Pod, sports journalist Chris Ellis remembers being invited into Cloughie's office after that game at the City Ground. The full episode, including several great stories, is on our Podcast Page. Here's a taster...

The original Cloughie tribute  - not the best, but in the top one

Helping the types of good causes Brian & Barbara Clough supported

"A wonderful tribute. I hope it will continue for many, many years." - Mrs Barbara Clough (August 2010)

"Reading all the kind words is brilliant for the family, thanks for keeping my grandad's memory alive, he'd have loved it."
Stephen Clough (March 2019)

"A nice tribute to Dad." - Nigel Clough (August 2000).

"@1BrianClough has built & runs this fantastic tribute website, as well as leading the fundraising for the stunning Nottm statue. Thanks for all you do to keep BC fresh in everyone's mind." Cloughie friend Craig Bromfield (April 2020)

Website established August 2000

Some photographs courtesy Press Association, JMS Photography, Empics & Neil Hoyle