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Latest stats show the Green Jumper Pod has now been downloaded in more than 50 countries since its launch in February 2021. Thousands of listeners around the world have tuned in to hear brilliant stories and memories from the magical Brian Clough era, with exclusive prizes and offers. 

Guests have included former Cloughie favourite Paul Hart, who spoke with warmth, humour and honesty about the man he calls a genius; as well as ex Derby winger Alan Hinton, Forest stalwart Steve Chettle - who was named Clough's Player of the Year in 1988 - and Lord Clarke, formerly MP Ken Clarke who often met Brian. 

"Thanks very much for the opportunity to pay tribute to a special man" 

- Former FIFA Referee Keith Hackett

Fondly remembered for wearing his green sweater on the touchline, football legend Brian Clough was outspoken, unpredictable and the best manager England never had.

His trophy-winning teams are still remembered for playing the game in the right way: entertaining, exciting and disciplined.

Decades since Brian Clough's remarkable achievements hit the headlines, and with three impressive bronze statues to remind us of his remarkable legacy, supporters of all ages are still entertained by Cloughie stories, including those classic one-liners.

Just click play and it'll soon be in your top one. 

Paul Hart & Gary Mills among the guests on Green Jumper
Gary Mills

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For more details about the previous fundraising match mentioned in Chet's Chat, visit the Basford United website. 

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